The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Muzi Wang

Spatial Experience

I sat with a clear view of the stage, nobody in front of me. This made the play feel a lot more personal. I sat on the right side of the theater where a lot of actors entered. Sometimes I could hear the actors practicing backstage. As the lights dimmed, it really set the mood, that the play was going to start. During the first half, there were many people, but they were all very respectful and quiet. A lot of people left during intermission, so there were many empty seats, but I did not notice that during the play because I was in the front. For me, the good life at the play meant not being behind anyone, with front row seats to add to the experience.

"University of Florida Constans Theater Air Handling Unit T2 Replacement".Foresight Construction Group, 5 February 2017.

Social Experience

I did not go with anyone. The girl next to me fell asleep and was snoring which took away a lot of the immersion. To get ready, I wore put on a button down shirt and a pair of Khakis. During intermission, everyone was complaining about how long the play was, and how much longer it will be. This bothered me a bit because I rather enjoyed it. I think for me, the social good life would be me watching it with a small group of people who are just as interested in the play.

Selfie of myself after the play. Title photo was before I entered.

Intellectual Experience

The play had such an interesting concept, it was very meta. Documenting how the play came to be as the play itself is something I have never thought of before. The fact that Michaud is a manifestation of the playwright in his own work, it made the play feel more real. During the talk-back, the actor who played Talbot was truly knowledgeable of his own character. When he was asked about stage props, he seemed very nonchalant, but when there was a question about his character, he got very emotional. Also during the talk back, it dawned on me that Brother Casgrain is what Talbot would've become with his choice of ignoring Michaud's letter of confession. I think that Talbot's choice to continue with his life instead of pursuing a "hopeless" fight is what I believe the good life is about. The fact that sometimes the best choice to live is not necessarily the "right choice." The first half of the play was rather dry, but the second half was intense.

Site officiel de Michel Marc Bouchard. "The Divine, A Play for Sarah Bernhardt." 5 Febraury 2017.

The Emotional Experience

This play really got me thinking about child labor laws and all the messed up stuff that happens in this world that goes unnoticed. We got to where we are today because these people suffered in the past, and decided to make a change. And even today, there must children still out there being abused, overworked, neglected. These aren't issues that I think about on a daily basis, but watching a play like this really put these issues on my mind. This play is a katharsis because we don't think too often about where our goods come from. We see "Made in China" or "Made in Madagascar" sometimes on a daily basis, but we never think that there is a face behind the stitching on your shirt. Sometimes for us ignorance is bliss. The idea of out of sight out of mind has been engraved into our very culture. We choose to expose ourselves to the good aspects of the world that conform to our own narrative. Although the industrial revolution is largely behind us, other countries are going through their own industrial revolutions, and along with the increased standard of living for some, others are being exploited because of this.

"Wisconsin wants to repeal child labor laws" 2 February 2017.

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