Mission Statement: What ' ATLETA INTERNATIONAL INC' hopes for is to help athletes all around the world, perform with excellence. Being an athlete, you go through a lot of injuries and with that comes doubt in how well you will perform. So what we do is provide you with the material to feel confident not having to worry about your injury, and when you feel confident you do so much better. We want improvement in athletes performance by allowing them to focus on themselves and not what is keeping them back.

" If you feel better. You will feel confident. And along with confidence, comes excellence. And that is all we ask for you to to be excellent."

What we want for you!

We want to reach out to athletes all around the world. Athletes who know the struggle of competing on an injury or not properly getting ready before a game. We want to reach out to the athletes who go through injuries often and who are looking for that something to make their performance...excellent!


  • Black
  • Yellow Neon
  • Royal Blue
  • Red
  • White
The Yellow Neon Compression Regular Compression shirt for men
Black and White Compression shirt for women
Blue Compression Tights for men
Black Compression Tights for Women
The advanced black arm sleeve
Regular Calve Sleeves * uni-sexual*
Red Advanced Compression Knee Sleeve


We design these sleeves to allow you to perform to the greatest of your ability. We have worked hard to create two types of sleeves:

  • Regular: This is a post and pre-game sleeve. Comes with a heating pad and a built in ice pack. The upper body ( compression shirts and arm sleeves) comes in all sizes, along with the lower body ( compression tights, knee sleeves, and calve sleeves) also comes in all sizes for only $125.49
  • Advanced: This is the more advanced sleeve and compression wear. This is used for wearing during games. The advanced sleeve comes with a upper and lower body in all sizes, but comes with a built in massage panel. This is only a price of $150.34
  • Bonus Ankle Brace: This bonus ankle brace is only a small price of $45.45. But it comes with a built in massage panel as well. The braces ranging in color from black, white, and blue. If you want to purchase an ankle brace with an extra built in panel , which includes the heating pad or the ice pack, it's only a small extra price of $15.00

What it helps...

The compression sleeves help prevent swelling if playing on an injury. The ice pack helps relax the muscles before games, and the heating pad helps prevent cramps for females and males while playing. All together it helps you to perform without paying any attention to muscle cramps, injuries, or tight muscles.

Why its such a great product!

The shield sleeve and compression wear has already got athletes jumping up and down! Not only will you be able to play on an injury without it bothering you, but you won't even know the sleeve and compression wear is on you! This allows you to move with flexibility and compete to your best ability. It comes with all of these different panels to help you perform in a game, meet, practice, anywhere without the hassle of worrying about hurting yourself while playing on an injury. Not only does it give you the panels to heal your injury, it prevents you from feeling your injury! Now you don't have to sit out in that game, meet or practice!

One of our designs, the royal blue. This is with the built in heating pad and ice pack . He is wearing the regular sleeve and compression wear.

Contact Information

Email: @atletainternationinc2016/shieldsleeve/.org

Or call: 1-800-223-9007

Or SMS: 832- 129-0000 ( for crazy discounts! First 100 to text will receive a free ankle brace with a built in heating pad * pay extra for other color and panels*


Main Atleta International Incorporated building in Nashville, Tennessee.

443 Oaks Garden Nashville, TN @ building 4118

Easy Access Directions for our customers!

Exit on 767 and continue straight until you get to Wheat Tree Street. You take a left and continue until you get to the fifth stop light. You should then be at Harpers Village Ave. Take a right on Harpers Village and continue straight. Oaks Garden Lane should be straight ahead and the tallest building is us!

Want special discounts, and free coupons!?

For Special Discounts: SMS 832- 129-0000. For some free coupons go to www.atletacoupons/free/.com.

Upcoming special events and conferences!

  1. June 15- The Summer Slam Teen Camp for ages 13-18. Its begins @10:30, Thursday at Pioneer Campsite. . ( Registration due) June 1st.
  2. June 25- ' Who Calls the Shots?' basketball conference at North Campus in A&M University. Special Guest includes:Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkely, Tracy McGrady, Russel Westbrook, Dawn Staley, Candace Parker, Skylar Diggins, and plenty more! Food, panels. and basketball!
  3. July 1st- ' Cancer Can Stop' two mile color run. For any family who wants to support. * $15 per person under the age of 10, $25 for anyone over 10.
  4. July 22- 'All Athletes Welcome' charity event. Held @Atleta Sports Stadium. Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Soccer, and even Swimming is just a few of the fun and exciting events occurring. A Chili Competition, Face Paint, Carnival Rides, free food, and more! * Only $40 per couple*.

To register for all these fun upcoming events, and to sign up for the many more we have,go to : atletasummer/

Feel Good. Do Better


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