Middle Colonies Macy M.

The Middle deserves amiddle

Reason for founding

They wanted more trade routes. Also a safe place for Quakers. So if your a Quaker this is a safe place to be.


Natural Resources

The Middle colonies have copper and Iron so if you find it you will most likely get rich from mining or you can make things from it.



The Middle colonies had warm summers and mild winters . They also have long growing seasons so you will do great as farmer and you can take time off and relax by the warm summer sun.


They had deep harbors ,rivers ,and rich soil so shiping is a great job to gave because of the deep harbors and rich soil if you want to be a farmer.



Some ways people made money was shiping,farming,trading,and mining or you can be a traper. Farming and trading is most likely the best job you can have because we have deep harbors ,rich soil and long growing seasons.So if you are planing to be a farmer the middle is the place to be!

Philadelphia was in Pennsylvania and has lots of things like fire insurance, hospitals, fire department, and revolving doors.

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