Butter Side Up or Butter Side Down? By: Jordan leveille

Have you ever had such a bad day it seems like the universe wants you to fail, and everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong?

We call this Murphy's Law which gives us the excuse for bad luck, and bad days. In reality, the universe does not want to kill us, but we as a society need something to blame our bad days on in order to feel a sense of relief.

For example, when you drop a piece of bread whether it has butter, peanut butter, or jelly, it always seems to hit the ground on whatever side is holding the substance. What we do not understand, is that it is scientifically proven that eight out of the fifteen times a piece of bread with butter was dropped, it landed butter side up. This shows us that the world is not out to get us, and Murphy's Law is a superstition.

So, now that we have learned that the buttered side of the bread does not always land down, we are able to realize that we just have bad luck and the universe has no role in that.

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