Agricultural Project Elvis ochoa

First Agricultural Revolution: It is when the transformation of human societies from hunting and gathering.The transition occurred around the world between 10,000 bc and 2000 bc.

2nd Agricultural revolution: Occurred along the Industrial Revolution and used greater technology than the 1st Agricultural Revolution. It happend between the years of 1700 and 1900.

3rd Agricultural Revolution: Is the most advanced Revolution of the three revolution and began with chemical farming and food processing.

Subsistence Farming

Subsistence farming is when farmers grow enough food to provide themselves and their families

Sustainable Farming

Is a safer way to farm

Commercial Farming

Is growing crops to sell the crops right after growing them

4 facts about Agricultural

Farm and Ranch families only equal about two percent of the U.S population

One in three U.S. farm acres is planted for export.

Today’s farmers produce 262 percent more food with 2 percent fewer inputs (labor, seeds, feed, fertilizer, etc.), compared with 1950.

133.1 billion worth of American agricultural products were exported around the world.


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