Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

traditional clothing worn today are bright colors like yellow, red, orange. Most of the time they wear summer time clothing like t-shirts, sandals, tennis shoes, and jackets.
The Dominican Republic's climate is not like ours, they only have two seasons, summer and wet season. The average temperature is 77 F
The flag is centered with a white cross that extends to the edges and divides the flag into four rectangles. The color blue is for liberty, red for the blood of heroes, and white for salvation. The Dominican Republic coat of arms has a shield in quartered colors of the flag, with a laurel branch to the left and a palm frond to the right. The blue ribbon above the shield displays the national motto: Dios, Patria, Libertad (God, Fatherland, Liberty).
They drink sugar cane juice (caña). A popular food is bandera, made of red beans, rice, and different kinds of meats.
There is 10.4 million people. 72.9% Mixed, 16.1% White, 10.9% Black, and 0.1% Yellow
These are Dominican pesos. The exchange rate is 1 USD =47.02 DOP. The Dominican Republic has the ninth largest economy in Latin America, and is the largest in the Caribbean and Central American region.
This is Danilo Medina the president of the Dominican Republic. The government of the Dominican Republic takes place in a framework of a representative democracy, whereby the President of the Dominican Republic is both head of state, head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government.
First they were taken over by the French in 1795. In 1808, following Napoleon's invasion of Spain, the criollos of Santo Domingo revolted against French rule and, with the aid of the United Kingdom, returned Santo Domingo to Spanish control. The newly independent republic ended two months later under the Haitian government led by Jean-Pierre Boyer. In 1838 Juan Pablo Duarte founded a secret society called La Trinitaria, which sought the complete independence of Santo Domingo without any foreign intervention. Then in 1861, after imprisoning, silencing, exiling, and executing many of his opponents and due to political and economic reasons, Santana signed a pact with the Spanish Crown and reverted the Dominican nation to colonial status, the only Latin American country to do so. -Wikipedia

The official language is Spanish.

The three most popular religions are 1.Roman Catholic Christianity 2. Protestant Christianity 3. Judaism

Baseball is the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic.


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