Nina's special birthday. By:Nina Morrison

On this day you get to celebrate a special day, which is my birthday on November 15, on my birthday you come to a party with family and friends have a good time and if you bring a gift you can take three days off of work or school, which means I get tons of presents. I think this should be a holiday because it gives people a chance to do something fun and helpful.
One reason you celebrate your birthday is because you celebrate your strength you need to sit back and take a moment and sometimes pat yourself on the back. The struggles you went through and you get the time to recongize it.
Some other reasons are being happy make other people happy, it feels good when everyone else is having fun and you are too. You get to do whatever you want, you can use your birthday as an excuse to do whatever you would like. You also deserve to br treated on your special day because you give to other and forget about yourself.
On your birthday you usually have cake ice cream and gifts, all that brings people together for a laugh and it's a day for connection with one other.
This is a day you grow your own age, a day to celebrate a year of your age and wisdom. A day to celebrate the present, as you get older your present is something to look forward too.
My birthday relieves stress you get to take a day and do whatever and no one can stop you . A day where nothing goes wrong and you make the rules for yourself.
My birthday is a day that can inspire people, to know more about me and everyone else and look forward to do something good and fun.

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