Tips for Hosting a Virtual Kind-Athon

Every year we see social media posts and news stories about Giving Tuesday. This is a nationwide movement to battle the consumerism of the Christmas holiday by giving back to our communities and non-profit organizations.

If you are inspired by this annual event, we encourage you to take that spirit of selflessness and put it into your winter fundraiser!

December-January is the perfect time to host a Kind-Athon: a school-wide movement to raise donations for acts of charity performed by your student body. Due to the pandemic, things will look differently for your event this year. But, don't worry, you can still host a Kind-Athon online or through modified in-person activities that keep everyone safe.

Check out our tips and let us know if you plan on hosting a Kind-Athon this school year!

Tip #1: Make it Local

A great way to raise funds for your Kind-Athon is to focus your acts of charity on local organizations. This will help get your community involved and it offers you free advertising since most of the organizations will be happy to spread the word about your fundraiser!

  • Have students donate old toys, clothes, and electronics to gift to a local homeless shelter or goodwill center. If you do plan on organizing donations here are some good guidelines for staying safe during COVID.
  • Organize a virtual field trip to a community food bank where students can learn about everything that goes into providing meals for those in need. A representative from the food bank may be willing to do a video tour that you can share on FB live or through a private Zoom meeting.
  • Invite local non-profits to enter their name into a raffle. At the end of your fundraising period, announce the winner and deliver the prize (could be $, goods, gift certificates, etc.)!

Tip #2: Encourage Students to Perform Individual Acts of Kindness at Home

Similar to a Read-Athon, have students keep a log of their individual acts of kindness (note: if you use our online fundraising system you can easily keep track using our Activity Counter!). Examples include making a meal for their family, raking leaves for their grandparents, or simply helping mom and dad clean up around the house.

Offer incentives for different levels of kindness:

  • 12 hours of kindness enters you into a drawing for a free pizza delivery!
  • 10 acts of kindness get you a virtual shout-out on the school's FB page!
  • 20 donated items wins you a virtual lunch with the principal!

Tip #3: Get the Word Out!

Do you know what your local press loves? Stories that prop up the community and make readers feel good - especially during the COVID era. Your Kind-Athon is just the story they are seeking - so reach out to your local press and utilize the media to get the word out about your fundraiser!

Write up a formal press release, invite a journalist to come out to your kick-off or event and write about it, or even purchase some ad space if you are hosting a community event to celebrate all of your kind acts!

Tip #4: Keep Track of the Kindness

A great way to keep your students motivated throughout the donation period is to keep track of their progress. Use a virtual display, such as an online message board, school e-newsletter, or in your virtual school announcements, of how students have participated in your Kind-Athon.

Consider tracking individual acts of kindness, classroom progress, and the overall school donation goal. Hint: FundHub makes this SO easy!

Ready to Spread Kindness This Year?

We can help take your fundraiser to the next level. Contact us to learn more and to team up with us in time to receive our Early Bird Reward (ends December 31st!).

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