Stereotypes By karley proza

I decided to do my project of something that I definitely don't belong to...

The Jocks. This is what people had said

"They always seem to be the people that have a lot of friends"
"They are stereotypically not smart and their sport is their life"
"They get way to much attention in school"
"They are so very cocky"
"They are more known around school and they are the top of the spectrum"

So what does this really say about thw jovks...

Jocks are expected to be..

  • We see them as jerks and people who are completely arrogant
  • They have to be the most popular person in school because they must know everyone
  • They don't have to care about school because they should only care about there sport
  • If it's not about their sport they don't care about it nor do they care about talking to you if you're not going to talk about them
  • Must only talk with and be seen with people like them if you're an outcast they can't even look at you
You wouldn't see a jock in drama club
Why would they want to even be seen with anyone other then their type

Being a jock specially in high school is seen as a positive thing but also seen as weird if you hang with someone not like you.

The Jocks are always seen as the meat head, the jerks, the people who only care about themselves. We are supposed to only care really about the sport not the straight a student or in band or any other afterschool activity. They can be nice but they only did the cheerleaders and the other "popular kids". We are usually seen as the bullies The ones who beat up the "geeks".

But to most being a jock is a good thing.

The things socially is getting better because they do and play and who they are. They can get away with anything. Some labels can affect how a person acts I when it comes to The jocks sometimes they can become a little egotistical and use the power they have in the social spectrum to do things and get away with things that most kids wouldn't be able to do if your labeled as a jock you supposed to play hard nothing else except for your sport that's not the way they all want to be for most it's a good thing and they enjoy their sport but it shouldn't be their whole life

What am i labeled as...?

Me and my friends are seen mostly as the rockers and the grunge kids the ones still stuck in the 90s and that listen to rock and metal music all day and every day. We are usually expected to be kinda of dumb and really only care about music and the clothes we wear. And kinda of to be complete dickheads and bitches. We put off a persona of don't talk to us and don't look at us and in reality we are one of the most open and nonjudgmental groups that there is. We love our music and we love our bands and our friends but we would never make someone feel left out if they weren't part of our group or that's Atleast how my friends and I am


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