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Term 1
Head Chef; The executive chef with a short time of experience in the kitchen starts out averaging $50,000 or more a year. As their experience and reputation grow, the salary can increase to over $85,000 annually. The higher figures are generally offered by five star hotels and restaurants in the larger cities.
MY dream vacation is in the snowy mountains. I would ski for fun!
This is bad hand washing. Try and avoid this. Good hand washing includes scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds with hot soapy water.
We made steak, we cooked it to different temperatures, and tasted the different flavors. It was a really fun lab, I enjoy my steak medium rare!
This was the apple strudel that we made. It was my most favorite from the whole term!
Term 2
Knife cuts
The eggs Benedict sandwich was really good it taught us how to make a healthy meal
We made the white bean basil bruschetta which applied to a quick and healthy snack!
Bubbling cheese bread was a way that we could experiment with different spices
Term 3
My favorite vegetable is a carrot. They can be planted all over the world. My garden grows carrots. I like carrots,because they are sweet and help with your vision.
I am on the left. This is what I would wear to a job interview. You are supposed to dress to impress!
We made fruit tarts. It was a really fun lab. We made the crust, and then topped it with a cream and fruit.
Vegetable lab, This lab was awesome we made many vegetable dishes, my personal favorite was the deep fried corn!
We made this cobbler and it was a really neat experience. I thought that it was delicious, and would want to make it again.
Term four
I manage my stress by exercising. It makes me healthy and happy.
This is a very elegant table setting. It has only one fork so it's just a main course table setting. It has two glasses one for water and one for wine. A soup bowl and an entree plate.


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