Myself By Hayden Huntzinger

This year was a great year for me for the most part. This year really started Turing around in the summer for me. It all started when I got my second car that I got to choose. It really opened me up when I got it because immediately after owning it, I wanted to do things to it already. I also learned a lot over this year on how the real world works.

My car that I love so dear

When upon the summer ending as far as vacation goes. When school started, I made lots of new friends over the course of the first semester. I even got to re-connect with old ones too. Upon being a senior in high school, I started feeling more of an adult then ever before. Even later down the road in October, my three friends and I went on a camping trip on the start of fall break.

The campfire we had

I evening started a new hobby back in may. I started running. Never in my life did I think I would be doing this. But that all changed in that may of this year. Now I like to run and sometimes take photos of the scenery I pass by.

Cool light

While in school did notice that there was a different attitude that previous years were. I started feeling lazy in school. Normally I was always laszymin school but still did my work when needed to. But this year I felt different. I had issues trying to get on task to complete the world I needed to do. But somehow I still did my work. I felt as if I just gave up and shut my brain off but didn't sorta.

One of my uncles favorite hats

One of the worst things ever about this year was losing my uncle.on November 23, 2016 I lost my uncle. My uncle and I were very close and losing him just made his passing worse for me. I will never forget him and remember him every way I can. To this day I still think about him and why this has to happened.

Tinted windows were finally added

After his passing, he gave me new life within myself. I started doing things in my life that I neglected about. I started doing things to my car and started to fix everything in my life that I messed up.

Overall this year has been a plot twist of a year for me. At one point everything was going great and then everything wasn't. Even in school I had the same issues just like my life. It was all crazy at the beginning but now and the end of a semester, all I hope is that I don't mess up now and pass everything I need to do. Overall this year as a whole was one of the most interesting years of my life. Both school and real life. I will asunever forget this year and always treasure it

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