Human Impact On Chrysopelea The Flying Snake

The flying snake is a type of snake with a similar stunt to a flying squirrel. These snakes flatten their bodies until they can slip from trees and slither through the air with a grace unknown to most reptiles. There are many different species of flying snake such as the paradise flying snake, golden flying snake, and (a bit closer to home) Texan flying snake. We will focus on the Chrysopelea paradisi otherwise known as the paradise flying snake.

This is the way the snake "flies"

This type of flying snake lives from southern Myanmar to southern Thailand, through Malaysia, Singapore, Western Indonesia, and other nearby areas. They can live up to 1500 feet above sea level before they stop occurring.

The main way humans impact this fairly stable species is heavy deforestation in the Philippines another place they live. These animals survive only in the trees which makes them susceptible to sudden extinction if they lose their habitats. These snakes are fairly adaptable to habitat change which makes them stable but as other places close in on the natural forest these snakes will lose their habitat and integrate even more into our cities and towns. How fun do you think it would be to have random snakes falling out of the sky? The only reason these snakes are still safe is humans have not reached them yet and settlements around are not large enough to damage the environment itself.

These animals will also be protected if we don't mass deforest the areas along with outlandish amounts of other animals. We've already lost to many, lets not ruin this world we intruded on.

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