Youth and Law: Final Project Isabelle Cirelli

Part 1: College and Career

Career: Veternarian

Average Starting Pay: $66,469

Undergrad: massachusetts college of pharmacy and health sciences- $30,600 per year

VETERINARY School: Tufts university- $48,643 per year

School loan amount: $158,486

Monthly Payments:

I chose the 10 year loan of $1,720 per month

Part 2: Car and Car Insurance

Car: 2017 Chevy Malibu

MPG: 27 city/ 36 highway

Lease: $169 per month

Car insurance: $1,350 per year or $112.50 per month

Part 3: House, Mortgage, and Insurance

Address: 11305 Fairwood Ave, Northport, al

Total Cost: $269,900

Monthly Mortgage payment: $1,413

Total cost: $436,309

Part 4: Total Costs

Month income: $5,539

Monthly Student Loan Payment: $1,720

MOnthly Car Payment: $169

Monthly car insurance Payment: $112.50

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,413

Total monthly Payment Costs: $3,414.50

Monthly spendable income: $2,124.50

Part 5: Identity Theft

identity theft:the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain.

Step 1: Notify affected creditors or bank

Step 2: Put a fraud alert on your credit report

Step 3: Check your credit reports

Step 4: Consider putting a credit freeze on your reports

Step 5: Contact the FTC

Step 6: Go to the police

Step 7: Send creditors a copy of your ID theft report

Step 8: Contact credit reporting agencies

Step 9: Change all account passwords

Step 10: Contact the Social Security fraud hot line

Step 11: Get a new driver's license

Step 12: Contact your telephone and utility companies

Penalties for committing identity theft:

INCARCERATION: Misdemeanor's may result in up to a year in jail while a felony may result in up to 15 years in jail.

Fines: MISDEMEANOR convictions may have a fine of $1000 while felony convictions may have a fine of $5000 or more.

restitution: if the theft results in the victim losing money the court may order restitution as compensation for their loss.

Probation: First time offenders in a case that doesn't cause any harm may be sentenced to probation. The thief may be sentenced to one or more years.

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