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1986 graduated from nursing school as an LPN, The hearts desire to help people. Then 2003 graduated from nursing school as an RN. Continue to minister to the sick/needy, 2005 Open up our first building as a local church in the community, serving needs. 2006 or Dane is a local pastor, by apostle Billy Ray Jackson. Since then I have strengthen many women to Believe in the Lord as their personal savior, they have received deliverance, yolks broken off of their lives addiction broken chair to receive back into the home from the DH is bodies healed ...2009 Open sister strengthening sisters home a shelter for women and children .....2010 begin sister strengthening sisters group on Facebook which is over 46,000 Women. Creating different platforms for novice women and experienced women encourage them to be all that they could be in the Lord and speak for the gospel of Jesus 2016 appointment national supervisor of the VOTE organization by the apostle Billy Ray Jackson and Pastor Carolyn Jackson ........ 2016 minute Jerrys Jones and begin my TV prophetic teaching broadcast and also make y teleconferences audio teaching

Beauty and the Beast ( pt 1) 2018 The Queen Decrees Purim 2018

Purim Power Pack 2018 ...... Purim

Vote Prophetic Conference 2018 Dr Yvonne Capehart

Vote Prophetic Conference 2018

2018 The Queen takes Back the Ring

Prophetess Debra Fox
2018... take back the RING
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Prophetess Debra Fox

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