A Holiday Survival Guide From Sounds Like Liberty & Actual Anarchy

Well, it's that time of year again where we spend time with family and friends and celebrate the season of giving and of thanks...and arguing about religions, sports, and mass murder...er politics.

Here are some tips/tricks/suggestions to help a libertarian/voluntaryist type to make it through the Holidays with their statist friends & families.

While celebrating the harvest, plant seeds. You're likely not going to change anyone's mind, so don't let that be your goal. You're planting seeds, for their quiet reflections later on.

Remember the Socratic method. Ask questions that get to the underlying principles they believe in, revealing contradictions.

Avoid getting stuck in the stats trap. Everyone has their own stats, and someone can always counter some factoid with another factoid. Stick to principles. Besides, stats are the weapons of tinkerers, we're not tinkerers, we're radicals. We're not for 7% less slavery, we're for the abolition of it.

Follow the Scott Horton rule and be more left than the left, and more right than the right. If you hit them on stuff they don't care about, they won't listen. Don't play in the middle, be the principled beacon.

I know staring at the meager spread of excess your family has put out forces you to think about the inflation the Fed has forced down our throats. You can’t help but believe that without tiresome regulations that bird would be at least triple the size. But on the positive side, those government indoctrination centers have slowed enough brain cells that they probably won’t understand the subversive ways in which you denigrate them to their faces.

We know how hard it is to listen to uncle Tony go on and on about how good we all used to have it when he and the other union guys were running things. We all know how hard it can be to ignore his revisionist history where “we all need to be thankful that some men had the foresight to keep all those ethnic people out of the plants. It’s been nothing but downhill since they hired that first eggheaded chinaman.” We recommend ignoring this situation entirely by sitting at the kids' table.

If you’re knees or a restraining order prevent this I suggest coming equipped with a less threatening topic like music, and the best place to stay informed on music is with the Sounds Like Liberty podcast, where we listen to new music every week. Tony still isn’t going to know what you’re talking about but if it’s obscure enough maybe he’ll decide to talk to your brother instead.

One of the biggest problems facing us anarchist types going back home is that loss of connection you start to feel towards all statists. You’re told we need to stay a part of the community and love our families despite them siding with our oppressors. We take another tack.

Skip going home altogether and start bingeing the Sounds Like Liberty podcast where much like the TV generation of our parents, you can create your own family out of the Anarchist guests we have on every week. None of us are calling you crazy...in fact round these parts you’re the statist! Muh purity tests!

Make it personal. Would YOU put ME in JAIL for doing THAT?

We hope you find these tips helpful to make it through the holidays.

Be sure to check out the Actual Anarchy podcast or Sounds Like Liberty. Both will entertain and educate in all things libertarian from economics to legal theory and even culture when it comes to music and movies.


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