SSDM: Shield Security Doors México S. de R.L. de C.V.

Company's information:

SSDM: Shield Security Doors México S. de R.L. de C.V.

Adress: Gabriel Mancera 46, Col del Valle, Del. Benito Juárez, CP:03100

Phone Numbers, Website &Social Media

Office: (55)238768

Mobile: (55) 21748447

Federal taxpayer registration number



Jorge Adrián García Tapía Prandiz - Shareholder

Juan Manuel Ruiz Navarro - Shareholder, General director

Remigijus Goubys - Shareholder, patents, certificates, factory

Valdas Macys - shareholder

Christopher Lan Zamudio - Sales

Ricardo Sandoval - Sales

Mercedes de la Maza - Sales

Mayor Julio Cesar Hernández - Sales

Gustavo Zaragoza, Accountant

Dr. Jorge Raul Garcia Sosa - Lawyer

Brenda Conev - Sales, Marketing

Total of 11 employees in Shield Security Door Mexico. Worldwide, the total number of employees is 350.

Abroad Shield Security Doors is present in the following countries:

  • New York: Shield Security Doors LTD.
  • Montreal: Shield Security INC
  • United Kingdom: Shield Security LTD.
  • Belarus: Megafort
  • Belgium: Taki Bvba SPRL.
  • Czech Republic: Skydas s.r.o
  • Denmark: Multiprotect
  • Estonia: Esta Uksed
  • Finland: Kaso Oy
  • Irland: P.O.M Door Range , A&M Products Ltd.
  • Kazakhastan: Be Green
  • Latvia: Skydas Ltd.
  • Netherlands: Skydas Secuirty Doors BV.
  • Norway: Byggleverandorene AS.
  • Russian Federation: Novye Dveri.
  • South Africa: Skydas (PTY) LTD
  • Sweden; Prodoor Sakerhersdorrar.

Development: The matrix of SSDM: Shield Security Doors México S.A de C.V de R.L is © FORT ENGENEERINGS and the content is created by Shield Front Doors LTD. Both are located in Europe, more precise in the United Kingdom.

Our product can be found throughout the European Union, Russia, Asia and the Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, since February 2014, and thanks to the great demand of the © FORT ENGENEERINGS products, we have expanded the business to México and the USA.

© FORT ENGENEERINGS have the CE stamp representing the of products that meet the highest standards and which is complicated to obtain within the European norms of security, resistance the fire and the many other certifications of our doors, windows and panic rooms.

Capacity: Shield has the ability to Produce 5 thousand customized products per month.

Constitution: Shield was incorporated, under Mexican law, in January 2014 with the corporate purpose of commercialize branded products of the brand © FORT ENGENEERINGS in Mexico. With their headquarters located in London, the British company with more then 20 years of experience, helps clients of all kinds from individuals or corporations dependencies, to public and private institutions, decentralized agencies and private clients.


In these uncertain times we know that you care deeply about the things that mean the most - family, cherished possessions, vital documents, or protecting all the other things you love or have worked hard to achieve.

Shield are proud to offer some of the finest and strongest security doors available. Yet strength does not mean a lack of style; our incredible range of doors provide not only impressive intruder protection, but also impeccable style, reminiscent of Chelsea or Greenwich Village. And Shield can also provide the added reassurance of biometric locks and the latest in high technology entry systems to ensure that there are no unwanted visitors to your home or business.

Our clients include celebrities, oil sheikhs and embassies, all of whom trust us to preserve their safety with style. But you won’t need a millionaire’s budget: since we make all of our doors, we offer a range of standard and custom doors with dimensions, decorations, lock types and finishes to suit you and your home or business.

Whatever you need in a security door you can rely on Shield to supply it.

Welcome to exclusive access

At Shield, we take your security very seriously indeed. We have built our reputation on providing beautiful, stylish and highly secure doors that could grace a mansion or a maisonette with effortless efficiency. But strength and style on their own are not enough. Shield doors open and close effortlessly thanks to immaculately engineered latch and lock mechanisms, coupled with a wide range of incredibly secure locks. In fact we have over 40 styles of locks, with a further 20 secondary locks from the world’s most prestigious companies. This provides a final level of security to ensure that only you or your authorised guests can gain access.

We also offer the option of the latest and most sophisticated biometric entry systems for your added security. As unique as your fingerprint or the pattern of your iris, Shield doors make sure that only authorised and recognized individuals can enter. Shield also use the locks from providers like CISA, Mottura and Mul-T-lock so you can be assured that there is nothing quaint or vulnerable about the locks we supply.

We have an impressive selection of high security lock cylinders which feature magnetic mechanical coding systems with specially patented components, with digitally protected and controlled key duplication. Even the fitters’ test keys are rendered inoperable after installation. Keys cannot be duplicated anywhere without your authorisation. Lock cylinders are protected by telescopic rings made from tear-resistant steel, and available in brass and chrome finishes.

Next to Shield's security doors, Shield also provides panic rooms : avoid household attack

At Shield we consider it our job to reassure and protect, rather than frighten. But we also know that for some of our clients there is a real risk of harm from the outside world, and we need to provide protection and reassurance for them.

Panic, or safe rooms, are there to provide an ultra-safe location inside your home, where you or your family can retreat during a robbery or other threat. Think of a panic room as a vault for your most valuable asset, your family.

Usually the door is made from a double-core metal with a heavy deadbolt where the need for a key is eliminated. If you need to use you panic room, then you will also need to contact emergency services. Therefore a secure means of communication with the outside world is imperative and a video monitor that shows all activity outside the door and in the house is a worthwhile investment.

Although it’s called a panic room, remember that the purpose is not for you to panic, but for you to be safe.

Security windows

Some of our competitors think that to install a security door involves installing a slab of impenetrable grey steel. But at Shield we know that strength does not imply an absence of style.

Our doors are not only strong and stylish, but can also match traditional designs to make sure that your house looks like a home, not a fortress.

Shield therefore provide an attractive range of doors – and windows too – complete with incredibly resistant glass installations. Toughened and laminated – bulletproof if required – our glass is the kind of stuff that protects presidential limousines.

Our bespoke service caters for doors of all shapes and sizes. All incorporate Shield’s incredible strength and stylish design.


All our products are made to the measure at the request of the customer. The security of our product will not be compromised by design, shape or size.

SHIELD: Beauty in Security.

Several clients of SSDM: Shield Security Doors México S.A de C.V de R.L

Next to corporations and businesses we also are glad to see that also families like the SLIM family are part of our client list.

and many more around the globe

SSDM: Shield Security Doors México S.A de C.V de R.L thanks you!

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