A Trip to Ucluelet March 15-17 2017

Waiting for the ferry at Horseshoe Bay
Finding a cool neon sign while snooping through town
Nanaimo Bound
A quick walk at Cathedral Grove. The biggest trees in the Grove are about 800 years old and measure 250 ft in height and 29 ft in circumference.
Sights in Cathedral Grove
Arrival at The Cabins in Ucluelet
Signs near the beach
A short walk to Terrace Beach
Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
Surf at Amphitrite Point
Interesting tree growth along the Wild Pacific Trail
A panorama along the Wild Pacific Trail
Tree across the stairway to Florencia Bay
Surf at Florencia Bay
Rivulets in the sand at Florencia Bay
Some pretty big driftwood bits at Florencia Bay. But then everything's big on the West Coast!
Red cedar and sand at Florencia Bay
Kelp on the rocks at Florencia Bay
A spring rainbow at Florencia Bay. Wolves have been spotted in the bay recently but we didn't see any!
A massive old growth cedar on the trail to Florencia Bay
Pounding surf at Big Beach in Ucluelet
Crashing waves and a group of Cormorants at Big Beach in Ucluelet
Remnant of an old shipwreck at Big Beach in Ucluelet. Its identity is still a mystery but it dates from the late 1890's.
A photo of a shipwreck chart from the kitchen in our cabin
Gryphon's Lair in Ucluelet. For years this was home to The Wreckage
High and dry in Ucluelet
Sights in downtown Ucluelet
An abandoned fish processing plant in Ucluelet Harbour
A working fish processing plant in Ucluelet Harbour
Looking down Ucluelet Harbour from the Government Dock
A sea lion by the Government dock in Ucluelet. Definitely used to people.
This sea lion was not impressed when someone threw it a piece of bread!
This sea lion one had numbers on its back and was likely branded in Oregon or Washington State
Looking over to Meares Island from the dock in Tofino
The Ice House in Tofino is actually an oyster bar
Looking along the waterfront in Tofino
An old house on Main Street in Tofino
Another old house on Main Street in Tofino
Rolling surf at Chesterman Beach
Chesterman Beach with Wickaninnish Inn in the distance
Seaweed and globules on Long Beach. At first we thought it was plastic but it turns out it was some kind of oil.
View to the ocean at Long Beach
A long photo of Long Beach
A last look at the interior of the Cabin at Terrace Beach
This snow covered mountain along the Pacific Rim Highway looked kind of like Mount Crumpit!
A roadside stop at the River Bend Store just outside Port Alberni
Created By
John Allison


All photos copyright John Allison

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