West Leigh Juniors Weekly News Week ending 1st October 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

It has been another eventful week at school with the commencement of the audition process for 'Mary Poppins', great success in the borough's cross-country competition and the announcement today of the House Team Captains being just three of the highlights. We are extremely proud of the cross-country team as, when the final results were collated and published today, the girls' team were confirmed as 1st out of the 24 local schools taking part and the boys' team were 2nd. These are amazing achievements from both teams. Quite a few of the runners will be invited to take part in the Essex finals in Hadleigh Park next April. Many congratulations to everyone that took part.

We are looking forward to holding our first meeting with our Parent Council later this term but we still do not have representatives for every class. This is a very important forum for us, enabling the school to work together with the parent and carer community to share and discuss ideas and concerns that all go towards improving the school experience for our children. It is vital that each class has their opportunity to share their 'voice' so please can we ask that, if you a parent in one of the following classes, you consider becoming the class representative. In terms of meetings, it is only a commitment three times a year. The classes currently without representation are: 3E, 3T, 3N, 5K, 6A. Please contact the school office or Mrs London directly, who co-ordinates the Parent Council, if you require further information or feel that you would be able to offer your support as a class rep.

Please can we remind you that we aim to be a nut-free school and that your child should not bring into school any nut-based product for their snack or in their packed lunch. We have quite a few children with nut allergies and need to ensure their health and safety. Thank you.

As is usual after about a month of being back in school following the summer break, we have today had to ban all trading cards (Pokemon, Disney, Sainsburys etc.) from school as some of the children were getting into squabbles and disagreements about them and a few getting quite upset. The children have all been told this afternoon that, as of Monday, there should be no cards in school. Many seemed quite pleased with the ban!

We are aware that some of the children are using the TikTok social media app which has an official age rating of 13+ which is obviously older than the age of any of the children in school. Here is a link to information from the NSPCC regarding TikTok that we hope you find useful. www.net-aware.org.uk/networks/tiktok

Next week is our Reading Week, details of which were sent out earlier today. We are really looking forward to a packed week including our author visit on Monday, Year 4 visiting Leigh Library, launching our Year 6 Reading Ambassadors, a special assembly from Jacqson Diego, Year 5 children outreach reading with the infants and, of course, our photo competition that we hope the children will enter. Look out for photos and reports in next week's newsletter.

We hope that you and your families have a very enjoyable weekend.

Mr Lear and Mrs Woolf

Year 3

It is the end of another busy and exciting week for our Year 3 children. Our rather damp visit to the woods not only linked marvellously to some future work planned in our Connected Curriculum studies but will, we hope, also support and inspire the children in their creative writing in English over the next couple of weeks. The children very much enjoyed looking at, listening to and smelling all the different elements of a natural environment, looking for evidence of how animals live in a habitat and how they create their homes.

We have now split into our maths bands and the children seemed to have settled well working with a different teacher and group of children, with a focus on honing their adding and subtraction skills. In science, the children have completed their first attempt at planning their own investigation where they considered scientific questions they could investigate, in this case, linked to the human skeleton. Diary-writing in English has allowed the children to work upon chronological order and the use of adverbs of time as they have assumed the role of Mr Fox.

In the woods

Year 4

The children in Year 4 have continued reading the story of the 'Time-Travelling Cat' and focused their studies on one of the main characters – Ellie, a girl who is deaf. We engaged in a variety of activities to gain an appreciation of what life would be like for Ellie which proved to be a very inspirational lesson for everyone. In English, the children have begun independent research for a project about the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt where they have been required to apply their note-taking and sentence-writing skills. Year 4 have begun working on addition and subtraction in maths this week and applying their knowledge to problems. In science, the children have been learning how to carry out an investigation into muffling in preparation for an independent activity which will be carried out next week. Finally, in Connected Curriculum, Year 4 have been trained as embalming priests to undertake the delicate work of mummifying… tomatoes! It was a tremendously exciting activity and allowed the children to get very messy whilst learning about how the Ancient Egyptians preserved bodies in the past.

Mummifying tomatoes!

Year 5

There is certainly an autumnal nip in the air this week and it feels like we’re waving goodbye to summer. Our shared text, 'The Firework Maker’s Daughter', continues to enthral the children. In English, the pupils have been considering the skills and attributes required for the role of a firework maker before composing job advertisements for this position. This forms part of our explanation text focus as the pupils are required to use a range of causal conjunctions when explaining the importance of each skill. The children have also revisited homophones and this has been set as the spelling focus for the week. While some classes have continued to research the work of Sir Isaac Newton in science lessons, others have explored water resistance. In Connected Curriculum lessons, the pupils have identified different types of settlements using a range of physical and digital maps, and they are also beginning to make comparisons between modern-day counties and the heptarchy of the Anglo-Saxon period.

Using map skills

Year 6

It seems that every week for Year 6 is a busy week full of wonderful opportunities to develop their learning and this week has been no different. As writers, the pupils have been taking on the challenging task of developing their narrative stories inspired by their knowledge relating to the Second World War, whilst also manipulating the structure of their work to play around with transitions of time. They have also enjoyed reading more of 'Letters from the Lighthouse', which has most certainly enriched their historical knowledge. As mathematicians, they have been developing their understanding of division and also have enjoyed varied activities and games. As scientists, they have considered how to apply their creativity to design and make unusual switches. Connected Curriculum has also been exciting this week and it was fascinating to see how the children dealt with a challenging question relating to who suffered most during World War II – a question that, on the surface, seems obvious at first! They have also, as artists, reflected on the work of Paul Nash, who, as a war artist, was deeply affected by the experiences he had.

Beyond the classroom, there was much excitement when the children were given the opportunity to choose the House Team Captains who were revealed in Friday’s assembly. We were also very proud of each and every pupil who attended the workshop and audition for the latest version of Mary Poppins Junior; there was certainly phenomenal enthusiasm and desire to be the best that they could be.

SPSSA Table Tennis Competition

Last week saw the first school sporting competition since the pandemic. To see how the children got on at the Table Tennis click on the link here.

Cross Country

On Wednesday 29th September, West Leigh Junior School participated in the cross country competition at Garon Park. 24 schools participated in the KS2 competition with up to six boys and six girls running from each year group. See how they enjoyed it here.

Sewing Club

This week saw the first session of our lunchtime sewing club. We began by selecting our thread colours and carefully threading our needles. The children learnt how to create a cross stitch and began creating a border for their bookmarks. We look forward to creating some beautiful cross – stitched bookmarks over the next few weeks.

Dinner Menu

Week Three

Monday - Cheese & tomato pizza with tortilla chips - Jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn - Creamy cheese and vegetable bake with garlic bap - Vegetable couscous and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or raspberry mousse

Tuesday -Homemade creamy chicken and chick pea korma - Homemade vegetable and five bean chilli - Jacket potato with baked beans - Rice, vegetable selection and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or lemon shortbread.

Wednesday - Traditional honey glazed roast gammon - Ratatouille with garlic bap - Baguette with cheese - Roast potatoes, vegetable selection and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruit flapjack.

Thursday - Jumbo pork sausage in a baguette - Vegetarian sausage in a baguette - Tomato and pepper pasta bake with garlic bap - Fried onions, coleslaw and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruit crumble and custard.

Friday - 100% fish fingers - Jacket potato with cheese - Baguette with salmon and sweetcorn - Sauté potatoes, baked beans and salad bar - Fresh fruit, yoghurt or fruity jelly.

Diary Dates


  • Monday 4th - Friday 8th - Reading Week
  • Monday 4th - Author visit and book-signing from Gareth P. Jones
  • Tuesday 5th - AM 4D and 4L @ Leigh Library
  • Wednesday 6th - 8.00am - Yr 5 Mary Poppins workshop
  • AM 4D Coastal schools
  • AM 4B and 4R @ Leigh Library
  • Thursday 7th - 3.30pm - Yr 5 Mary Poppins auditions
  • Friday 8th - 6pm FOWLS Y4 Disco
  • Wednesday 13th - 8.00am - Yr 4 Mary Poppins workshop
  • Thursday 14th - 3.30pm - Yr 4 Mary Poppins auditions
  • PM 4L Coastal schools
  • Friday 15th - 7pm - Yr 5 Disco
  • Monday 18th - Individual photos
  • Tuesday 19th - Sibling photos
  • Wednesday 20th - 8.00am - Yr 3 Mary Poppins workshop
  • AM 4B Coastal schools
  • Thursday 21st - 3.30pm Yr 3 Mary Poppins auditions
  • Monday 25th - Friday 29th - HALF TERM BREAK


  • Monday 1st - INSET DAY
  • Thursday 4th - AM Tag Rugby at SRFC
  • Friday 5th - Yr 6 height & weight check
  • Monday 8th - Learning conferences
  • Tuesday 9th - AM 4L Coastal schools
  • Wednesday 10th - Learning conferences
  • Thursday 11th - AM 4D Coastal schools
  • Friday 12th - AM Team Challenge
  • Tuesday 16th - 2pm - 5M and 5S Poetry Performance to parents/carers
  • Wednesday 17th - PM Y5 Science roadshow
  • Thursday 18th - AM Yr 3/4 Dodgeball at Thorpe Hall
  • 2pm - 5J and 5K Poetry Performance to parents/carers
  • Friday 19th - Children in Need
  • Yr 5/6 Football at Len Forge
  • Wednesday 24th - AM Yr 5/6 (B) Dodgeball at Garons Park
  • PM Yr 5/6 (A) Dodgeball at Garons Park
  • PM Y5 Science roadshow
  • Thursday 25th - AM 4R Coastal schools


  • Wednesday 1st - PM Y5 Science roadshow
  • Tuesday 7th - Christmas celebration
  • Wednesday 8th - AM 4B Coastal schools
  • PM Y5 Science roadshow
  • Wednesday 21st - Wednesday 4th January - CHRISTMAS BREAK



  • 3E - Miss Bowes
  • 3T - Mrs Thompson/Mrs Mitchinson
  • 4B - Mr Boylan


  • 3N - Mrs Bemister
  • 5S - Mr Buchan
  • 5J - Mrs Wilson


  • 3G - Mrs Garrett/Mrs Aggus
  • 4L - Mr Loveridge
  • 4R - Mr Markham


  • 5K - Miss Chapman
  • 5M - Mrs Millham


  • 6W - Mr Dunn
  • 6F - Miss Fletcher
  • 4D - Mr Dammery
  • 6P - Miss Poysden
  • 6A - Mrs Nash/Mrs Carr


The class with the best attendance this week was 3E with 100%! Congratulations to them. Although they were not in assembly this morning as they were visiting Belfairs Woods, the rest of us had the chance to watch their very impressive 'robot' dance to "Popcorn" by Crazy Frog.


Citizen of the Week

Mitchell Glasson (6A) was this week's recipient. He was nominated to receive Stanley Bear by a member of the public who witnessed him showing great kindness and friendship to another child to help 'brighten their day'.

Sports Performer of the Week Oscar Williams (5K)

Most Improved in PE Anaya Sidhu (4B)


In this morning's celebration assembly we were able to announce the children who had been voted as House Team Captains for this academic year. As always, the choices were selected by the Year 6 children via a secret vote following the aspiring captains 'hustings'. No adults were involved in the selection of the captains. Here are the children who gained most votes from the Year 6 peers in their particular House:

Centicore - Mia Alassaf, Jacob Bullard, Sadie Moyse

Pegasus - Stanley Argent, Curtis Redgewell, Jessica Roberts

Phoenix - Hayden Apps, Katie Kelleway, Daisy Lang

Wyvern - Archie Lancaster, Felix Mismar, Ava Murphy

The House Team Points results for this week are:

1st Centicore - 45 points

2nd Phoenix - 42 points

3rd Pegasus - 37 points

4th Wyvern - 35 points

Mia, Jacob and Sadie were the first Team Captains of this year to be able to congratulate their team members across the school in today's assembly.

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