Community Driven Local Development programme CDLD

In 13 districts of KP, the Department of Local Government, commissioners and deputy commissioners, together with line departments such as works, education and health, are implementing the Community Driven Local Development programme to respond to citizens needs as identified and agreed with 5600 community based organisations.

So when Covid-19 struck, the programme was in a good position to help implement the National Action Plan to contain and respond to Covid and provide funding for emergency measures.

Funds were allocated to

  • Purchase PPE equipment
  • 6000 disposable gloves
  • 3000 masks
  • 600 bottles of sanitizer
  • 600 kits including N95 masks, googles, gowns and gloves for health unit personnel

Banners and streamers were displayed in key locations in the districts and radio programmes were aired. This included a total of 280 banners and 1,205 streamers in 13 CDLD districts.

In addition the Programme helped

  • Document almost quarter of a million beneficiaries for the EHSAAS packages – vulnerable daily wage earners, widows, orphans etc. collect information for daily updated reports, and
  • Survey existing health facilities and resources and to identify challenges and support needs
  • Monitor the 471 EHSAAS cash distribution centres