Intuitive Painting Looking at and painting the world within

Intuitive Painting is an activity that allows one to look at and express the world within by painting a picture. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is because the journey is what’s important. As a result, both the experience and the painting will be one of a kind!

  • Using acrylic paint, brush, and other art supplies as instruments of self-expression
  • Painting in a safe and nonjudgmental environment to find peace and quiet within.
  • Having the opportunity to look at expectations, strengthen trust, and gain confidence

The Origin

One day while meditating, I found myself in a beautiful art room with a large canvas, a magic paintbrush, and hundreds of different colors. As I was experimenting with the colors, gorgeous images came to life. I will always remember this amazing experience that inspired me to explore painting outside of my meditations, using “real” tools.

The result both on the canvas and within my heart was astonishing. My painting was strong, expressive, and completing. The process made me feel free and confident and filled my heart with joy. At that moment, I knew that I found the treasure that I had searched for: the creative power within.

The Arts of Silence

The Flow • Opening Consciousness • The Dove • Love Reveals
The Rose
Magical Touch
Shining Heart
Lullabee the Hummingbird
Phoenix Rising

The Outcome: Intuitive Painting

I have continued the journey of painting and have created many pictures with one primary purpose: expressing who I am and how I feel without judgments or expectations.

I named the process Intuitive Painting, and I now use it as an additional tool in my coaching and teaching practice for personal growth, self-expression, and wellness.

Intuitive art making stimulates the imagination. It is through imagination that we unlock creativity, awaken our senses, and add colors to our lives.

About Viktoria Seavey

I chose coaching as my profession in order to serve and support others in achieving goals, changing lifestyles, experiencing emotional freedom, and doing things that make life more colorful.

The journey through a chronic illness has taught me new ways of living. I worked hard to change my world. I learned how to stop the disease from embittering me, how to take control over my thoughts, and how to be empowered to create anything I want. I became peaceful, compassionate and more loving.

My coaching is based on all of that experience and years of formal education in wellness. A friend once said, “You are gifted in freeing spirits, and I appreciate your influence on mine.” This is what I do; I offer freedom and a different life with much joy, light, and love through Deep Coaching and Intuitive Painting.

"Quiet Mind, Open Heart Coaching"

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