Intuitive Painting Feeling and painting the world within

Intuitive Painting is a unique form of art-making that allows participants to envision and express their inner world by painting and drawing pictures. This gentle yet effective method inspires to partner the Artist and the Healer within and to utilize their gifts to feel whole — wonderful, happy, open, loved and energized!

The creative process itself is the primary objective of Intuitive Painting and that removes the pressure of producing the final piece. As a blended result, both the experience and the image will be one of a kind.

  • explore acrylic paint, watercolors, felt markers, pastels, and various art materials as instruments of self-expression
  • engage in the process of art-making to elevate mood, strengthen trust, and build confidence
  • express in a safe and encouraging environment to find balance, peace, and quiet within

The Story behind

It all started in 2012. One day while meditating, I found myself in a beautiful temple with a large canvas and a magic paintbrush. Playing with the colors, I painted all kinds of pictures. I sensed that I could paint anything I wanted to have in my life. I was amazed.

When I tried the technique I had learned in my meditation, the result was astonishing. The pictures came out energetic and expressive, but most importantly I felt elevated and fulfilled in the process of creating. At that moment, I knew I had found a treasure: the creative force within.

Art emerging from within

The Flow • Opening Consciousness • The Dove • Love Reveals

The impact of these events inspired me to share my newly developed method with others. I held my first Intuitive Painting Workshop in the summer of 2014, and I have facilitated numerous others since.

Intuitive Painting is not a regular painting class but is a vehicle for personal growth, self-expression, and wellness.
You are Special • Safe Journey
Magical Touch • Beyond the Stargate • Shining HeART
Joy • Indian Summer • Sanat Kumara's Garden • Healing
Emerging • Imagination
Meet Viktoria Seavey

Holistic Wellness Artist, Health & Lifestyle Coach

I support persons with chronic illness and pain to get more strength, confidence, and vitality. What I’m truly passionate about is energizing them to heal and to feel fearless, fulfilled, and free.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 14, and the journey through that illness has taught me many new ways of living. I learned how to stop the disease from embittering me, how to take control over my thoughts, and how to be empowered to create anything I want. I became peaceful, compassionate and more loving.

My work with others is based on all of my personal experience and years of formal education in wellness. A friend once said, “You are gifted in freeing spirits, and I appreciate your influence on mine.” This is what I do; I offer freedom and a different life with much joy, light, and love.

What Participants Experienced

♥ Viktoria has an unbelievable gift to help transform emotions, both good and bad, into movable, expressive masterpieces. She is pure magic.

♥ It's a fun and magical opportunity to explore and express the natural artist that lives in all of us!

♥ It's a great tool to help us reconnect to our feelings within that have been tamped down while we deal with hard health issues.

♥ Viktoria is very engaging, inclusive and sensitive to participants’ reactions to the experience of intuitive painting.

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