“Suicide Notes and Diary Songs”, is a collection of music that I have written during pivotal periods of my life. In the very worst of times, they would appear, to help me gain insight and to release dark thoughts that had been resonating for too long. They have sprung out from the happiest moments as well. I’ve pretty well kept these songs to myself like a diary. Very rarely would I perform them to anyone, some have never been heard by anyone, other than me.

I decided to place them all in one spot where they will continue to grow and change. With every new version of the songs as well as the new songs yet to be written, they will be updated here. I will also make available downloadable separate tracks for other musicians whom may want to collaborate. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

This song was born out my obsession with American News.

This song is lyrically accurate about a girl I once knew. She was one of the most cleverest persons I've ever known.

My Nana used to sing me a lullaby called Bonny - Laddie - O. From what I can remember, the lyrics were a mix bag of English and Irish Gaelic curse words. So when her great granddaughter and namesake was born, I wrote this lullaby for Tilly. The final sentence of this song has been directly lifted from my Nana’s final sentence in her lullaby she sang to me.

I was recovering from a broken heart, so I wrote this song. It worked. I feel so much better now.

This song is about being someone’s emotional whore. They lean on you for support while they enable their tormentors.

The Summer of 2018, I was hit with severe dip in my mental health. Along with it, came sleep apnea and insomnia. Cruel Hope came out of that particular trying time. It is a very dark song, so please remember, I am ok now.