Soul Connections Soulumination's 2018 Annual Newsletter

Our Mission

To celebrate the lives of children & parents by providing life-affirming photography, free-of-charge.

The Angel Babies program serves families with children (18 & under) facing life-threatening conditions. The Adult Legacy program serves families with terminally-ill parents who have children ages 18 & under.

The life-affirming photographs of Soulumination are an enduring, positive record of the child's life, and provide a loving legacy for the children of parents lost to terminal illness.

Our Services are always free

A Letter from Our Founder

Lynette Huffman Johnson

I am honored to present you with this year’s newsletter. The past year has been one of reflection and evolution. We are always striving to provide the highest quality of service while managing available resources.

Hard work and outreach has put Soulumination on a trajectory to provide over 450 free photography sessions this year. To date, we have gifted over 10,000 custom, handmade tri-fold and bi-fold memory books. These two facts ground us in our dedication to this important mission while inspiring us to work harder and serve more.

Our incredible volunteers and donors are key to our continued success. Our board is strong; they put their hands and minds to each issue with brilliance and caring. We are blessed with volunteers who answer our phones in the evenings and on weekends. Office volunteers create every element of the handmade photo gifts for our families. We currently have over 60 talented photographers who give their time and talent to record our amazing families. These incredible individuals are essential to our mission.

December 2017 was our first time working with Seattle Children’s to take Santa photos, both on a backdrop and walking with Santa to patient’s rooms when their condition did not allow them to move out of their hospital room. This year we are pleased to expand to 3 days of Santa photos and will hopefully serve 200 families. We are currently preparing all elements of the gift packages for these special photos so they can receive their gifts as soon as possible after the sessions.

In 2019, we plan to expand into offering photographic legacy gifts to bereaved families of suicide victims. The plans are still in the works but with the loss of two young men I hold dear, Reid and Brooks, and the recent celebrity losses of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, we feel inspired to create this service in their honor. The Suicide Bereavement Program will offer to create an album for families using their photos of their child or parent. We are working out the program details and will start small to see how effective it might be. We believe this work will be as important as the other work we have been doing for nearly 14 years.

We have always had a strong staff but this year brought the need to reorganize and I feel we currently have a truly exceptional setup. I am pleased to share that our Development Manager, Llewelyn Miner, has stepped into a newly formed Director position. Our beloved Program Director, Sue Doupe, has moved into a job share position of Program Manager with our longtime Board Member and Volunteer Photographer, Jodi Rosen. Jodi shares part of her journey as a Soul Mom in an article included in this newsletter. We are privileged to welcome her to our staff. I hope you will connect with our new Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Campbell, and our new Artists’ Sale Coordinator, Katie Rosenberger. These two are wonderful additions to the office and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

Our annual Wreath and Artist Sale is coming up on December 1st and 2nd. It is our goal to expand the wreath sales, as they are the biggest fundraisers at the sale. With our services increasing, we are completely dedicated to fully funding our mission. We are interested in training a few more talented wreath makers to help us with this effort. If you feel you have skills that would lend themselves to this fun and rewarding project please let Katie know. We will need more premium greens than ever so please keep the timing in mind as you plan your trimming and if you would like to donate to provide novelty greens from the wholesale florist please make note of that in your giving.

On a personal level my own health and living with lymphoma can be rocky. I feel lucky for each day, grateful for a doctor that seems to suit my temperament, and blessed by loving family and friends. Embracing all the facets of life and learning to navigate through difficult diagnoses has made for a phase of growth, joy, and sadness.

Each year I end my writing with the first names of those we know we have lost during the past year. As I type each name today, my heart is with their families: Aalijah, Adelyce, Alexa, Andrey, Anthony, Asher, Audrey, Autumn, Beatrice, Brynn, Caleb, Chris, Colleen, Cora, Cori, Daniel, Deion, Deklan, Destin, Donovan, Dustin, Eden, Ethan, Ewan, Flint, Gadge, Germanie, Hari, Ian, Isabelle, Jodeci, Joshua, Kate, Lazarus, Lollah, Luke, Mackenzie, Malieo, Mary, Mason, Nelson, Nolan, Oliver, Olivia, Orlando, Santiago, Sean, Shannon, Thomas, TwoSuede, TyShay, Violet, and Zion. We salute each life and treasure the fact that you opened your lives to let us in to record your precious families.

In love and peace, Lynette Johnson

*Video generously created by Carrie Yuan


Our Family Story

A letter from Soul Parents, Jeff and Rachel Danforth

When we found out we were pregnant with our first child we expected to write thank you notes for gifts received at a baby shower or when people came to meet the baby for the first time. This is a thank you note we were not expecting to write.

We entered our 20-week ultrasound expecting just to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. At the appointment, we found out that it was a boy and he had congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). As part of our doctors’ appointments they were very upfront with us about the potential outcomes and gave us information for Soulumination. We took the pamphlet and did not do anything with it because we wanted to focus on having our son rather than having the pictures to memorialize the time he would spend in the hospital or to remember our son. We had no idea how powerful and important those pictures and Soulumination would be to us.

On December 28, 2016, our son, Matthew was born. He was taken straight to the NICU at UW and then transferred to Seattle Children’s. Once at Children’s they evaluated him and found the CDH was too severe for them to be able to help him. Matthew passed away December 29, 2016.

Even though we did not contact Soulumination to schedule or plan for Matthew’s birth, an emergency photographer for Soulumination, who is a nurse at Children’s, came into our room to take pictures. The pictures taken were candid shots of our short time with Matthew. He met his grandparents, aunts and uncle, he was baptized, we read him stories and we had skin-to-skin time. The photographer also took pictures of Matthew after he passed away without all of his tubes and medical devices. Throughout the day our family took pictures on their phones. However, as we looked through some of the pictures they turned out how we saw him, like he was a little blurry through the tears. Thank you Soulumination for letting our family and us focus on our time with Matthew and capturing it beautifully.

The team at Soulumination was so good to us, getting us our pictures quickly so that we could display them at Matthew’s memorial service before family left town. Displaying these pictures allowed all of our friends and family, whom had not gotten to meet him, to see our beautiful baby boy. When we asked for the pictures quickly we hoped to receive some of the digital images to be able to look at and print; however, they sent us a whole package of prints, a framed picture, wallet sized pictures, and tri-folds of images to display for both sets of grandparents and both of us. The photography, pictures (digital and print), and gifts were all given to us free of charge.

Thank you Soulumination for being the bright spot in the most challenging time in our lives.

First birthdays are a big event for babies becoming toddlers, but for us, December 28, 2017, loomed large. We struggled to decide how to spend the day. We decided to celebrate his life by volunteering with Soulumination. They had just taken Santa pictures at Children’s, so our immediate families and ourselves helped prepare the inserts inviting families to do a full, free session with Soulumination and tri-folds to go with the pictures they would receive. It hurt knowing that Matthew never had Santa pictures or that first Christmas. However, knowing how much we treasured the pictures taken of him made us want to ensure other families have the gift of their memories captured by Soulumination.

Thank you Soulumination for helping us heal through honoring Matthew’s memory.

May 8, 2018, we welcomed our second son, Adam. We went through all of the emotions through the pregnancy and birth, the excitement and fear, but also sadness that Adam and Matthew would not be growing up together. Rather than weeks, months or years of pictures to see how close our sons’ features compare growing up, we have one day. Adam has the traditional newborn pictures and separate poses with a Soulumination picture of Matthew. They show how similar and perfect they are and big brother will be watching over his little brother. Thank you Soulumination for capturing memories for us to share with Matthew’s little brother.


Jeff and Rachel Danforth


Why I Photograph for Soulumination

A letter from our Program Manager & Volunteer Photographer, Jodi Rosen

I am a Soulumination Photographer because I know the healing power of photographs first-hand.

Thirteen years ago, we lost our second child, Alex, at birth due to an undetected cyst in his brain that had grown so large it prevented his brain from developing. Finding this out at a routine doctor’s appointment two weeks before he was due was one of the most difficult, challenging, and heart-breaking experiences I hope my husband and I will ever have to go through. The choices we faced during the five days before Alex’s birth seemed nearly insurmountable, yet together we were able to tackle impossible decisions despite their unwanted and painfully inevitable outcome for our son.

Alex was born via C-section in an operating room setting filled with what I can only imagine to be some of the most remarkably loving doctors and nurses in their field. The five days prior to this moment had been filled with so much fact-gathering, decision-making and grappling with these unexpected turns of events in my otherwise perfectly normal pregnancy, that taking pictures of Alex at his birth never even once crossed my mind. Such was our state of sadness and exhaustion that when just moments prior to being wheeled down to the operating room for my C-section our nurse carefully asked us, “Would you like me to take some pictures of Alex after he is born?” My protective mother instincts immediately took over and my knee-jerk reaction was a resounding, “NO!” Thankfully, I realized that the, “NO!” I yelled had only been in my head, and I paused for a moment, took a breath, and heard myself instead saying to her calmly, “Yes, that would be fine”.

These photos are everything I need to survive his death.

It is because of the photos our nurse took of Alex that I am a Soulumination photographer. These precious, beautiful, not even a dozen photographs of our darling son, Alex. These photos are everything I need to survive his death. It wasn’t an easy road back from Alex’s birth. We had not planned on coming home from the hospital without our healthy newborn nestled in his car seat in the backseat of our car. But the photos we have of Alex are my lifeline. They solidify his existence and honor both his life and his death. As his mother, I am so proud to have borne witness to his short journey here.

With time, I realized the important impact these photos of Alex had not just on my own recovery, but for the rest of our family as well. They allowed for our living two-and-a-half-year-old son to work through his own grief in dealing with the strangeness of us not bringing his brother home from the hospital. He asked to see pictures right away and quite often, for many months, I would find him sitting next to the box which held small mementos of Alex looking through the little photo album I made from the pictures our nurse had taken. Our subsequent children, having heard about their big brother who had died, were also able to see him and connect in their own way, building an understanding and appreciation for life and death I could not have imagined any of them displaying at their young ages. And to this day, when I am asked in public how many children I have, if I falter or stall I am always given a gentle reminder by our youngest that, “There are FIVE of us Mom, and it’s okay to say it!”

One month after Alex was born Soulumination began, as Lynette had borne her own witness to the healing impact of photographs with the life and loss of her newborn niece. She realized immediately that all families deserved to receive photographs to help shelter fear, survive grief and heal. I knew I had to bring the same peace and healing I experienced from Alex’s photos to others. I was determined to give others the life-affirming, healing gift of photographs just as I was given. I asked to become a part of this beautiful legacy work and graciously, Lynette allowed me to become a volunteer photographer. My gratitude for getting to be involved with this loving and important non-profit is immeasurable.

I am filled with an incredible peace from the first-hand knowledge that the photographs I am taking could be someone’s lifeline for conquering their fear or their grief, just as Alex’s photographs were for me.

Soulumination photoshoots span an array of health issues from healthy and in remission, to extremely medically complex with very little ability to move, to end-of-life shoots which carry the sacred weight that encompasses death. In every circumstance, I am filled with an incredible peace from the first-hand knowledge that the photographs I am taking could be someone’s lifeline for conquering their fear or their grief, just as Alex’s photographs were for me. The photographs will help family members and friends treasure this beautiful person’s journey however long or short. And most importantly, the photographs will honor the human being whose life was thrown out of balance by a challenging and sometimes life-ending medical diagnosis.

Please tell everyone you know about Soulumination and offer our services to all who have the need for photographs which honor life, dignify death and help heal. Photography from Soulumination is a life-changing experience and an opportunity that should never be missed, so please extend our free-of-charge services whenever you learn of the need and give families the incredible gift of the opportunity to say, “YES!”

Thank you,

Jodi Rosen


Soulumination provided 328 photography sessions to families in need in 2017.

Families are gifted all rights to their images with the option to release them to Soulumination for use in bringing awareness to our work.

Thank you to the incredible photographers donating their time & talent to our mission.

Diane Ahern, Danielle Barnum, Korbi Beck Ashton, Renee Bergeron, Cassie Bergman, Lydia Brewer, Jennifer Bugbee, Erin Burk, Randell Carmer, Karen Carter-Schwendler, Kelly Chandler, Martha Chaundry, Carolyn Coffee, Bryce Covey, Stephanie Cristalli, Ana Day,Stephanie Dodson, Natalia Dotto, Susan Doupe, Lena Eivy, Michelle Enebo, Adair Freeman Rutledge, Pierre Frevol, Michael Good, Annie Graebner, Carol Harrold, Wenmei Hill, Deena Hofstad, Robert Hood, Lynette Huffman Johnson, Neal Johnson, Kendera Kerscher, Leo Lam, Sarah Landa, Jen Lavallee, Nick Leung, Libby Lewis, Dawn Lucrisia-Johnson, Mary Maletzke, Crystal Malta, Sarah Mattingly, Corinne McNeely, Fairon Minshall, Carrie Nelson, Kim Preston, Jeanna Rice, Jennifer Richard, Elizabeth Robinson, Jodi Rosen, Sheila Ryan, Josh Samson, Jennifer Sandmeyer, Luc Schoonjans, Katie Simmons, Kurt Smith, Lynette Smith, Cindi Soderman, Ruby Somera, Agnes Szuberla , Julie Templin, Fischer Wallace, Stephanie Walls, Teddi Yeager, Anne Young, Carrie Yuan, Brian Zamora

Soulumination serves families at Camp Agape NW

Camp Agape NW provides an all-expense-paid week-long overnight camp for the whole family of a child with cancer. Camp Agape NW gives children with cancer a chance to feel normal, siblings a chance to feel special, and parents a time to be together. Soulumination has been working with Camp Agape NW for 13 years. In those 13 years, we have provided 204 photography sessions to families fighting cancer.

Over 3,400 hours volunteered in 2017

Soulumination serves families at the National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Conference

The annual NTSAD conference empowers, supports and connects families coping with Tay-Sachs, Canavan, GM-1 or Sandhoff. Soulumination offers a photography session to each family attending the conference with an affected child. Since 2007, we have provided 235 photography sessions to affected families.

over 10,000 custom photo memory books gifted

Soulumination serves families at the MLD Foundation Conference.

The MLD Foundation serves families throughout the world affected by metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD), a terminal genetic disease. For the second time, Soulumination provided photographs to families attending the conference.

it cost $525 to provide a family photography package in 2017

Please join us for our upcoming events:

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If you shop at Town & County Ballard Market, please donate your shopping receipts to Soulumination's office. Ballard Market will donate 1% of your total to our mission through their community giving program.

in 2017, volunteers donated services worth more than $180,000.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers

Kimberly Aigner, Diane Ahern, Julie Angeley, Katelin Ankrom, Ken Ankrom, Lisa Autry, Heather Baker, Colin Baker, Olivia Baker, Sophia Banel, Ashton Bedwell, Debbie Bee, Aldo Behrens, Eileen Behrens, Willa Behrens, Merrily Betzold, Teresa Bigelow, Denise Bocek, Julie Boehm, Lauren Boehm, Olivia Brent-Fielding, Janet Brinkman, Kari Brotherton, Melinda Brown, Lauren Brumbaugh, Ashley Brunner, Mary Rae Bruns, Katherine Byght, Cindy Byrd, Mary Byun, Jamie Cabaccang, Angeline Candido, Jane Caron, Yasha Carpentier, Martha Chaudhry, Ruplai Chauhan, Coffee Cheung, Marci Clevenger, Halle Corbett, Stephanie Cristalli, Elisabeth Crouch, Rachel Danforth, Berkeley Danysh, Paneen Davidson, Kevin Diffley, Natalia Dotto, Noelle Dubendorf, Susan Dunn, Alicia Edelman Pelton, Tara Egert, Barbara Elder, Sally Elliott, Dimitra Emmanouilidou, Emily Ethen, Allison Fay-Ebert, Shirley Ferkingstad, Lisa Files, Ken Foster, Lexi Foster, Lily Fouke, Jenna Free, Kim Gabica, Monica Gardenier, Courtney Garrison, Anne Gillingham, Jim Gillingham, Karen Gimse, Jillian Goodreau, Jennifer Gratzer, Maria Hahne, Kay Hanafin, Brandon Hank, Carol Harrold, Darcy Hartz, Emma Hartz, Jackson Hartz, Mark Hatlen, Kaaren Hatlen, Robin Hayes, Quinton Hayre, Kurtis Hendrickson, Hillary Hendrickson , Joan Hibbs, Wenmei Hill, Isha Hoffman, Lulu Hoffman, Meagan Holt, Kristin House, Lynette Huffman Johnson, Rose Ibarra, Brandy Ivy, Sophie Jaksha, Summer Jawson, Marcia Johnson, Pat Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Lesley Johnson, Jane Johnson, Ross Johnson, Pat Johnston, Jim Johnston, Pat & Jim Johnston, Melissa Joyce, Kellie Kawahara-Niimi, Courtney Keen, Kendra Kerscher, Samantha Kiemele, Carolyn Koester, Joan Kostal, Jill Labieniec, Anna Landa, Julia Landa, Sarah Landa, Cathy Lennebacker, Dawn Lucrisia, Barbara Lyle, Kristel Macalalad, Valerie MacDonald, Heidi Mader Bedwell, Susan Maki, Molly Martin, Rina Marukawa, Dylan McDonald, Owen McDonald, Sarah McElvaine, Ann McKee, Grant McNamara, Briana Miles, Mike Miner, Marlo Morgan, Malia Morgan, Nanette Nelson, Nancy Ng, Rebecca Nielsen, Claire Nieman, Seth Niimi, Thomas O'Connor, Michelle Olson, Sarah Ortiz, Liz Ortman, Michael Ortman, Melissa Osvaldik, Nancy Page, Roxy Pascua-Ibarra, Rupali Pathania, Helena Peic Tukuljac, Rahee Peshawaria, Clara Propst, Julie Purcell, Mya Radosevich, Sofija Raisys, Monique Reed, Anastasia Reinhardt, Mary Rickey, Katja Roberts, Marika Roberts, Ashley Roncevich, Jodi Rosen, Leah Scott, Diane Shea, Lorelle Shearer, Virgie Sheldon, Michael Shockley, Gina Short, Ruby Siehl, Patsy Simpson, Sidni Sobolik, Mino Solomon, Marianna Spiritakis, Jodi Spitalli, Ashley Spivey, Jessica Springer, Hannah Stewart, Nancy Stillger, Christopher Stoer, Madeline Stoer, Angie Sutphen, Paul Sutphen, Monique Tran, Larry Trumball, Rika Trumball, Lisa Van Dam, Bob Ward, Barb Ward, Lily West, Molly Wilcox, Astra Wong, Amber Wong, Aidan, Gus

*List is composed of volunteers from August 1st, 2016 through July 31st, 2017

attendees of our 2nd Annual Lunch with Soul Pledged over $51,000 to our mission.

Thank you to our monetary and in-kind donors.

Suzie & Matt Aanerud, Chrissy Acarregui, Bradley Adams, Diane & Joe Ahern, Susan Smith, Susan Allain, Sober Riders Tri-Cities, Michael Aly, Amazon, Julie Angeley, Richard Angeley, Katelin Ankrom, Ken Ankrom, Anonymous, Charlene Atlas, Cary Atzbach, Joann Austin, Lisa Autry, Heather & Brian Baker, Debby Baker, Colin Baker, W. Lee & Carole Baker, Mary Balmaceda, Akiko Baron, John Bartkiw, Pauline Basic, Elizabeth Bates-Shull, Paul Battaglia, Kristen Becker, Becker-Roberts Foundation, Heidi & David Bedwell, Elizabeth Bedwell, Colette & Erich Behrens, Becky Benson, Merrily C and P Douglas Betzold, Julie & Ken Bihn, Amanda Billings, Bishop Fleet Foundation, Nancy Bittner, University Sunrise Rotary, Jann Blackbourn, Heidi & Nathan Bledsoe, Patricia & Larry Bliquez, Boeing, Dana Bogel, Bolton Concrete Inc., Dora Bonarek, Delores Bonner, Tonjia Borland, Leslie Bottimore, Jeffrey Morgan & Julie Bouffleur, Teresa Boyes, David Shepard & Alice Boyle Shepard, Catherine Brannan Goldsmith, Juanita Brautlacht, Sally & Thomas Brennan, Laura Brewer, Caitlyn Britt, Luisa & Kyle Brown, Carol Brown, Susie Johnson & Damian Browne, Cynthia & Scott Buchanan, Connie & Bill Bunch, Jesse & Bryn Bunich, Marci Burden, Alden Byrd, Karen C, Jamie Cabaccang, Robelyne Cabaccang, Elsie Cabanilla, Julia Calhoun, Mary Calhoun, Richard Callahan, Lisa Callan, Cameron Catering, Kenneth & Linda Campbell, Canlis, Megan Canterbury, Anna Cardwell, Jennifer Cargal, Janet Carlson, Randell Carmer, Jane Caron, Yasha Carpentier, Edward Dunn & Patricia Carr, Paul & Eliza Carrington, Chris Caviezel, Jodee Chapman, Martha Chaudhry, Amanda & Tim Chavira, Stacey Chellis, Pi & Fred Cheney, Pam Cheney, Coffee Cheung, Carl Chew, Tuncay Cil, Susan Clark, Hugh & Lauren Clark, Cheryl Clarke, Marci & Michael Clevenger, Dr. & Barbara Coe, Daniel Coleman & Pat Fallon, Christine Colomban, Carolyn & John Comick, Kathleen Condardo, Rebecca Cooke, Erin Coomer, Janet Cornell, Brenda & Sean Cornett, Costco, Trina Cottingham, Amy & Scott Cottrille, KPMG, Alexa Crawford, Stephanie Cristalli, Bernadette Cruz, Charleen D'alMeida, Rebecca & Bill Dane, Gail & Ron Danforth, Jeff & Rachel Danforth, Katherine Dannemiller, James Daubenberger, Kaaren & Todd Daughterty, Paneen Davidson, Catherine & Philip Davis, Kathleen Davison, Nicole DeCamp, James Hayes & Anna Del Toro, Myra Dela Cruz, Cynthia Dellinger, James Bear & Cynthia Dellinger, Jo Ann Denney, Michelle Desmond, Jake Domer, Aron Downie, Erica Draud, Mendy Droke, Susan & Patrick Dunn, Christopher & Carolyn Eagan, eBay for Charity Seller Donations, Zoe Eckblad, Alicia Edelman Pelton, Heather & Geoff Edgar, Jody Elsom, Dimitra Emmanouilidou, Michelle Enebo, Sarah & Luke Englert, Mischa Estrada, Jane Evancho, The Evans Family Foundation, Janet Falkenreck, Jennifer Farley, Allison Fay-Ebert, Eric & Nicole Fier, Lisa & Jeff Files, Lisa Files, Reto & Jana Filli, Jamie & Kael Fisher, Lois Fisher, Joanne Fleming, Floressence, Nancy Foro, Ken Foster, Rowena Francisco, Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary, Laura Freeman, Karen Friedman, Vicki Frucci, 303 Fundraiser, Judy & J.D. 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Zamora, Jojo Zhou, Julie Ziegler

*List is composed of donors from August 1st, 2017 through July 31st, 2018

Soulumination's Financials

2017 Income: $326,594

2017 Expenses: $172,386

Special thanks to

Annie’s Art and Frame

Andrew & Sara-Anne Barfoot

Debbie Bee


Evergreen Computer Products

Allison Fay-Ebert

Brandy Ivy

Laurel Place


Claire Nieman

Julie Pursell

Ashley Roncevich

Soulumination's Board of Trustees

Lynette Johnson, Founder

Randell Carmer, President

Natalia Dotto, Vice-President

Briana Miles, Treasurer

Katelin Villamil, Secretary

Monica Gardenier

Darcy Hartz

Wenmei Hill

Debbie Johnson

Melissa Osvaldik

Gina Short

Angie Sutphen

Emeritus Board Advisors

Mark Hamby

Kelly McNelis

Fred Moody

Lori Sawyer


Llewelyn Miner, Director

Susan Doupe, Program Manager

Jodi Rosen, Program Manager

Amy Campbell, Volunteer Coordinator

Katie Rosenberger, Artists' Sale Coordinator

Beth Neils, Bookkeeper

Contact us

Soulumination's office is located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Our address is 1113 NW 52nd Unit A, Seattle, WA 98107.



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