Immigration During 1914-1918

From 1892-1954 over 25 million immigrants entered the United States through Ellis island on the New York harbor next to the Statue of Liberty.

The first immigrants were white Protestant Christians from Northern Europe especially Ireland and Germany. Many spoke English and were well educated.

Later people from western, southern, and Eastern Europe came to the U.S, but hey we're not alone, people from Russia and Asia. Many of these immigrants did not speak English and were not as educated.

These immigrants came on fast steam powered ships and knew absolutely nothing about democracy.

Most of them between the ages of 15 and 3 and could not take care of themselves.

Many immigrants brought new culture, ideas, and theory's back from where they came. The biggest one was religion, there became an burst of different religions throughout America. Millions of Catholics and Jews.

In 1900 the government revealed that 25% of the american population was foreign-born.

Almost everyone in the U.S today has an ancestor that was an immigrant. And can trace them back to where they are originated from.

The Statue of Liberty felt like a welcoming sign from America to all of the immigrants. It meant that they were finally there.

During World War One our allies were Britain, France, and Russia. Italy joined the ally later to fight against Germany and Austria-Hungary.

The woman's sufferage movement started a little after the civil war and was still going on while the immigration continued.

A family and there journal entry when they arrived at Ellis island.

A mother and her child so astonishly excited to be in America.

A young Russian woman writes in her journal when she gets to Ellis island.

A large family coming to the U.S.

Because there were so many immigrants the cities were growing up stead of out.

It was cheaper in the city to live and closer to their jobs. Jobs were going faster than candy on Halloween, and there were not enough.

Because of so much immigration it also brought a lot of new things to America to make it what it is today :)

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