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My Favourtie Food Around the World

MEXICAN - Burritos

Making of Soy Protein Burritos

Since I wanted to try something new this time, I had chose to make a vegetarian burrito. It contained soy protein, and to my surprise, it actually didn't turn out that bad as I thought it would be. However, I think that the flavour could be further enhanced if a bit more salt was added. The dish looked appetizing, but the size was a bit too big and the ingredients were spilling out. A bite-size burrito would be more convenient to carry around and to be considered a "on the move" food.


Chocolate, the sweet treat loved by everyone (almost), can date back to 4000 years ago. Evidence found by anthropologists have suggested that chocolate was produced by pre-Olmec cultures living in Mesoamerica (present-day Mexico) as early as 1900 B.C. These cacao beans which grew in the tropical rain forests were commonly used by the Mesoamericans, these natives would ferment, roast then ground the beans into paste and mix it with honey, vanilla, chili pepper, water and other spices to make a rich and flavour-varied chocolate drink.

Vietnamese - Goi Cuon

I personally really like Vietnamese Rice Rolls in general and my mum always make them for me, but I would say that the Goi Cuons I made did not turn out well. The ingredients had tasted fine separately, but when combined, I would say it is a bit unique. To enhance the harmony between the ingredients, I think a bit more careful seasoning has to be involved, and that could be understood as my group was working under a rush. The texture of the rice paper could have been changed, although I have already tried drying and draining the vermicelli before adding it into the roll, would be a good idea to let it sit for longer as I think that it was the main reason why the rice rolls had turned out soggy and watery. The sauce had tasted fine, but would be even tastier if more salt and less ginger was added.

What is sustainability ?

Sustainability can be used to describe different things. It differentiates the two categories, one being in which something can be reused, recycled and is benefiting to help and encourage our Earth, while the other being something that would destroy. It is the definition of how our natural ecosystem works, and the means to remain its diversity and for it ecology to remain balanced and healthy.

What is Carbon Footprint ?

Carbon Footprint is the calculation of total amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activities.

Carbon Footprint can also be represented individually.

For example, on a Sunday morning, you might be making pancakes. The flour you use might come from Japan, the eggs might be grown locally, the blueberries might be from US and the syrup might be from England. The locations of where you food come from is the core calculation of your carbon footprint on this Sunday morning. It calculates as carbon footprint, as food from other countries often come from airplanes or ships, therefore, in order to create less carbon footprints, supporting and buying locally grown food would help the sustainability of the earth and at the same time create less carbon footprint of one self.

Food Wastage in Hong Kong

On average, Hong Kong disposes about 3200 tonnes of food waste daily, and a large amount of theses waste would end up traveling to the landfill. The total amount of food waste has almost doubled its amount comparing to 5 years ago and having all that being disposed in landfills would just create a bigger burden to the already stressed landfill spaces and little capacity left in the future.

Having large amounts of food waste being dumped into landfills would only worsen the already polluted air of the skies of Hong Kong. Rotted food in the landfills would create wastewater, which releases significant amount of methane and carbon dioxide, with the greenhouse effect, these gases are kept and therefore trapped inside our city.

太巻き - Japanese

Out of all the food we've made so far, I think futomaki is by far the best one. Every ingredient had merged well together, and had created a flavour that I am very used to. I would use to have sushi every Tuesday for lunch, as my mum would pack them for me, and I think that it has become quite a comfort food to me. This wasn't my first time making it by myself, and with the previous experiences I have had, I have to say, it was pretty successful.

Why is presentation important ?

It is often said that the visual elements of a type of food is always needed in order for it to become a well liked cuisine. We often "eat" with our eyes first, and although it might not always be true, a well presented food attracts our attention more. We judge subconsciously even without actually trying the food itself, and if we see a badly presented cuisine, it is likely to decrease our chances of eating it.

Over Fishing

Over fishing occurs when large quantities of fish are caught and which exceeds the amount of which nature can natural replace with its reproductive population. Not only would over fishing cause serious damages to the ecosystem and food chain, but also destroy the balance of marine life, and affect those which rely on them.

Billions of people rely on fish to give them protein, for the past centuries, the amount of fishes in the ocean was more than enough for us to consume, but for the last 50 years, large groups of fishes are facing crisis of extinction and also meaning that the whole population of fishes have already fallen.

Lots of other marine lives depend their lives on fishes, and over fishing would cause problems as fishes would then become limited and that might even cause extinction to other species.

Curry Pockets - Indian

The curry pockets had by far the best presentation in my opinion. The colours of the ingredients were appealing and also tasted well together. However, the wonton skins were a big uncooked and oily, therefore, next time, it would be better if we buttered the tray with less oil and cooked it a bit longer. The sauce tasted a bit too sour even though we taste tested it. Next time, we could put in less tomatoes and most spices to enhance the flavour even more.

Fair Trading

Economic benefits

  • Fairtrade standards are helping to build stronger cooperativesThe Fairtrade Minimum Price is supporting farmers growing products such as cocoa, coffee and bananas become more income-secure and less vulnerable to poverty
  • Fairtrade improves access to agricultural services like organic training and premium markets. As a result farmers have an incentive to farm better and sell more.
  • Fairtrade is gradually empowering communities to organise into cooperatives and improve their negotiating position within the supply chain. This can enable them to negotiate a higher price for their product than the conventional market price
  • Additional income through the Fairtrade Premium is supporting better farming, strong cooperatives and investment in collective assets to improve crops and yields

Environmental benefits

  • The Fairtrade Standards cover key areas for environmental protection, including energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction, soil and water quality, pest management, biodiversity protection, prohibition of genetically modified organisms and harmful chemicals and waste management.
  • The Fairtrade Standards promote training for farmers, which can include advice on switching to environmentally friendly practices, such as developing nutrient-rich soils that support healthy plants and encouraging wildlife to help control pests and diseases.
  • For some farmers, the Fairtrade (and organic) Standards have resulted in switches to less toxic pesticides, which, as well as being better for the environment, has a positive impact on producers’ health
  • Fairtrade can provide access to finance, producer support and expertise in tackling climate change, supporting long-term environmental sustainability

Social Benefits

  • Farmers and workers who choose to participate in Fairtrade often feel a real sense of control over their future with greater power and voice.
  • Fairtrade can support workers to realise their rights and negotiate the terms and conditions of their work through trade unions and collective bargaining
  • Fairtrade can provide producer support and expertise in deepening gender equality
  • For workers employed on Fairtrade certified plantations, investments made through the Fairtrade Premium in education, better housing, better schools and medical facilities in worker communities is highly valued
  • Investment of the Fairtrade Premium by co-operatives in community development projects like improved health facilities and better access to education for children and adults is improving the quality of lives of rural communities

Egg Tarts

(For about Roughly 12 tarts)


  • Muffin Tin (for 12)
  • Pastry Cutter
  • A big bowl
  • Ginger Grinder
  • Measurement Cups


  • 2 large eggs
  • 125ml hot water
  • 190ml full cream milk
  • 2 Tablespoon brown sugar
  • Thumb size ginger (juice)
  • Pinch of Nutmeg
  • Three sheets of Pastry Sheets
  1. Beat 2 eggs with a fork
  2. Add in milk
  3. Mix sugar with hot water. Add in Mixture
  4. Grind ginger and extract the juice, add in the mixture
  5. Sieve mixture in a fine strainer


  1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees
  2. Use a big pastry cutter and cut out 12 small pieces of round pastry
  3. Oil up the muffin tray. Then shape the pastry into cup shapes
  4. Pour in the egg mixture until it reaches half of the pastry.
  5. Put into oven, bake for 15-29 minutes
  6. Leave a crack between the oven door, then bake for another 5-7 minutes (you can add a sprinkle of sugar to the tarts)
  7. Finally lower the temperature to 200 degrees and bake for another 15-20 minutes
  8. Let it sit for a while and sprinkle nutmeg onto the tarts to enhance the flavour

You may add more ginger or sugar to suit you preference.

This was my very first time making egg tarts, and with the huge success, I am very proud. I remember making egg tarts a few time with my grandma when I was little and the recipe was memorised from memory. With myself not being 100% sure if everything would work out the way I want it to, honestly, I was a bit scared. However, everything worked out really good and not only did it taste good, it also had good visuals. There were definitely a lot of "first times" here, including first time making desserts on my own, and also first time cooking without a proper recipe. Once again I am very satisfied with how it turned out, and I would definitely make it again for my family and I.

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