The Forest Goddess By Katelyn, Julia, and Abraham 5A

Our piece is titled "The Forest Goddess". Our group created a mural based on a goddess of nature, connecting with different animals and plants. The main overview of our project contains fake grass, along with a mural of a woman who appears to have a connection with the forest. The location of our mural is in Los Angles (LA). We chose this city because it's one of the most busy areas in America, and this mural is an escape into nature. Mural Approximate Location: 6319 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, California.


Sketches (Done on paper and Bazaart)

Our process photos

Katelyn and Abraham working on sketches / the budget, while I (Julia) was taking photos.

Our plaque (6 in by 8 in)

Our chart for our budgeting process (materials list)

We had to list all of our materials, and google how much each product was. We added all of the products up for a total cost.
The total cost of our project is $1,497. The 30 bouquets of flowers cost $500, 30 feet of fake grass cost $100, 9 gallons of paint that cost $40 each, 1 gallon of epoxy which is $127, and the total amount of brushes costs $250 (minus labor and repair costs). We found all of these prices on, and we multiplied/added them together as needed.
We used this wall as a guideline for our space by estimating the complete measurements and the amount of tools required. The height went up to 9 1/4 feet and the length was about 18 1/2 feet.

Our final sketch/design (done on bazaart)

This is our final design, which we included real life texture (such as the grass and flowers). This will help people become involved into their community by connecting with each other through artwork.

Our flyer to advertise the art display.

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