Creativity for All An Adobe & RIT University PARTNERSHIP

Adobe can create a university partnership unlike any other, by working with a university that is unlike any other - RIT.

RIT 2017
“Often, we compare universities to each other. With RIT, there is no comparison.” Jonathan Hammond, Adobe

Adobe and RIT agree that in the coming years, design and creativity will be at the center of positive change in the world, with design thinking taking its place as the process by which problems are solved and new opportunities are revealed.

Together, Adobe and RIT can drive creativity and design thinking forward as an element of success in solutions-focused innovation.

This partnership can redefine university relationships for Adobe, and enabling the company to reach a new level of benefits from engaging with higher education.

RIT has a rich history of developing highly beneficial partnerships with elite companies like: Xerox, IBM, Dreamworks, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, SONY, and others.

Adobe XD sponsored New Media Team Capstone "Project Context"

These partnerships help companies reach larger audiences, build better tools, and leverage specialized knowledge that opens doors for products and technologies, new markets, and successful strategies.

“Imagine, if you will, a “Category of One” university that not only educates its students for productive careers, but also reinforces America’s greatest competitive advantage by requiring creativity, invention and innovation of every student before graduation. Imagine a university that teaches scientists and engineers how artists envision and create new works.” William W. Destler

Partnering with RIT is different.

It means building a deep, multifaceted, mutually beneficial relationship with a university that has been consistently recognized as unlike virtually any other in the U.S., with:

  • unique focus on career development
  • solid foundation in technology
  • highly collaborative culture
  • An uncommon blend of top ranked creative and visual arts degrees; innovative liberal arts programs; and top ranked, highly applied and specialized science, technology, engineering and math degrees
Creative, Technical and Scientific Research

We believe the opportunities for an Adobe/RIT partnership equal those of some of RIT’s deepest corporate relationships. Together, we can advance strategies and achieve goals that move both organizations to new levels.

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Defining the Adobe/RIT Partnership

New users means more users

“The RIT campus is the perfect environment to unleash the power of Adobe’s unique software.” Jonathan Hammond, Adobe

Demonstrating the power of Adobe’s Creative Cloud to the RIT community is the keystone for partnership.

Establish the Adobe Experience Center

A hands-on training and practice center with the most robust offering of Adobe creative products available, and Adobe Certified experts on staff. Adobe Experience Center staff will plan and deliver Adobe training, as well as coordinate outreach efforts to the campus, to include:

  • Walk-up Adobe Creative Cloud assistance for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Weekly Adobe Creative Cloud product demos.
  • Series of one-hour Adobe product trainings to faculty and staff.
  • Offer Adobe certification training to RIT faculty and staff.
  • Once per semester Adobe Day events, celebrating the Adobe/RIT partnership, offering Adobe “swag” and product prizes, and featuring Adobe expert presentations and relevant speakers.
  • Enhanced Adobe demonstrations and innovation programing during orientation, Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend, and Imagine RIT.
  • College-specific information sessions for students to incorporate Adobe products into their scholarly work.
  • Enhance the Cary Graphic Arts Collection’s “Design across the Curriculum” series to feature use of Adobe Creative Cloud to teach design understanding to students.
  • Portfolio/CV upgrade service, using Adobe Creative Cloud to create dynamic digital portfolios.

The Adobe Experience Center will live in the Wallace Center. Wallace Center is pivotal to cross-university information, student scholarship and practice, and faculty engagement. It is home to the university’s Digital Humanities laboratory and the Teaching and Learning Services group.

Develop a faculty-focused professional development series.

Introducing faculty from all colleges to how Creative Cloud can enhance their teaching, scholarship and communication.

Real solutions in real-time

“The culture of applied knowledge lives at RIT.” Jonathan Hammond, Adobe

RIT’s campus is a unique living laboratory for assessing how Adobe’s products are used, and can be used, by a wide variety of audiences.

RIT students show ingenuity far beyond the norm, providing opportunities for rapid product use innovation, feature development, and applications.

  • IdeaLab provides real solutions to sponsor’s current challenges.
  • Multidisciplinary centers like the Simone Center, MAGIC, and the Center for Access Technology offer direct interaction with student teams and faculty researchers to develop new products and new technologies that focus on areas of RIT expertise.
Idea Lab

Bundling RIT student energy and ingenuity with faculty expertise, Adobe can pursue new fields and strategies to address near-term goals.

Discovery for Adobe’s future

“Let’s create a mutual platform that celebrates RIT and Adobe.” Paul Faust, Adobe

New discovery is at the heart of the highest level of university partnerships – few companies achieve this, but those that do benefit immensely.

Together, Adobe and RIT can work on initiatives that open doors to emerging technologies and new human-centered applications, further building Adobe’s brand for setting standards and driving trends.

As partners, we can advance Adobe and RIT long-term strategies.

There are many possible areas of interest:

  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Interactive experience and perception

An Adobe/RIT partnership team will bring RIT faculty together for a coordinated, collaborative forum.


Reaching New Audiences

Creation of The Adobe Experience, a hands-on training and practice center for the entire university, based in RIT’s Wallace Center.

Faculty development courses for all colleges to introduce Adobe Creative Cloud products to faculty members outside of design programs, created by Wallace Center’s Teaching and Learning Services.

Pursuit of beneficial sponsorship opportunities like IdeaLab, focused innovation projects, and Imagine RIT.

Form an exploratory Adobe/RIT cross-discipline strategic partnership team for a minimum of two years, with members from Adobe product and management teams and RIT faculty.

Enterprise licensing of Adobe Creative Cloud to enable this partnership to thrive.

Deployment Schedule

Together, Adobe and RIT can drive creativity and design thinking forward.

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