Liquid Architechture By Jordan Kimmel

Nearly 40 people gathered inside the Immersive Dome Wednesday afternoon for one of HUBweek’s most electrifying events, a half-hour audio-visual performance titled, “Liquid Architecure” which utilized 3D lights to project imaginary landscapes and real-world buildings onto the ceiling.

The Immersive Dome, a 360° full-dome structure that uses effervescent projectors and vibrant sounds to give audiences a rare experience

Spectators gazed upwards at the atmospheric screen inside the full-dome structure as gleaming dots of light formed illuminous structures—though each landscape only lasted a few seconds before being displaced and reassembled into something altogether new. The show was put together by three artistic collaborators—Patrick Trudeau, Ehsan Rezaie and Michael Dean— who go by their stage names, Diagraf, Ewerx and Wiklow.

The spectacle, which was established and in production for much of the year, was designed at the Société des arts technologiques in Montréal, Rezaie wrote on his website.

“This was the most challenging visuals project I have worked on, mainly because we used new and unfamiliar tools and techniques, which involved much experimentation and exploration,” Rezaie wrote. “I learned a great deal and am very grateful for the privilege to work with my talented collaborators.”

Audiences watched as different structures appeared before them such as a dark human-like figure (top left), archaic churches (top right) and starry landscapes (bottom left and right)

Wednesday’s event also utilized an audio soundtrack that heavily relied on a deep and vibrating bass. Diagraf, Ewerx and Wiklow observed their performance from the side of the venue.

An unknown creation by Diagraf, Ewerx and Wiklow

The moving light structures utilized mainly black and white color schemes, though deep blues and reds were implemented sparingly for dramatic effect. Liquid Architecture is inspired by Marcus Novak’s 1991 publication of “Liquid Architectures in Cyberspace,” Dean wrote on his website.

The performance had a goal of taking viewers on an unexpected expedition, Trudeau wrote on Dean’s website.

“It is first and foremost an ode to the journey and the dream of a reality that dissolves and reverts to infinity,” Trudeau wrote.

Spectators leaving the event
Created By
Jordan Kimmel



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