EdTech for May It's not the end of the year, it's the perfect time to prepare for next year! Scroll down to learn more!

It's been a Great School Year, but it's not the End of the Year! After testing is done, the remainder of the school year is the PERFECT time to try new tools and methods for NEXT YEAR! Scroll Down to find something new to try.

All of these Tools are FREE! Enjoy!


DESMOS CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES is a robust website full of dynamic and useful tools to enhance learning for students!


Learners TV is an incredible resource for Science Animations and Videos!


Inklewriter is a fun and easy website that your students will enjoy!


Timelines TV is a website that contains a huge variety of Videos that support History Timelines!


BouncyBalls is a website that offers a fun and easy way to help your students self - monitor their voice levels during class. This is especially useful during small group work!

tablet tidbits

Embed Microsoft Forms directly into OneNote pages for student use!

3 End-of-year reflection strategies for students

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