testing the ph LEVEL OFshampoo prodcuts GERALD, ANTONIO, AVERY & TAE

The products used in this experiment were shampoo products. We used Alberto V05, Herbal Essence, Axe Shampoo, and Cantu.

The pH level of Herbal Essence is about 7.0.This product has a neutral pH level.

With Alberto V05 we figured that the pH level was 5.0 so this product has a low amount of acid.

Another shampoo product we used was Axe Shampoo. The pH level was about 5, which means this product has a low level of acid.

And last, we tested Cantu. It had a pH level of 4.7 which is neutrally acidic.

In conclusion, the best shampoo out of these four would be Herbal Essence because it has a balanced pH level. Actually, the best pH level for shampoo should be between 5 and 7. Cantu would probably be the worse to put in your hair out of these other products...ask a stylist!

sources: googleimages & shagginsalon.com

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