Andes Mountains By: caitlin peters and jolene orlando

The Andes Mountains have volcano's like you see in the picture above.
Andes Mountains also has ruins of civilizations long ago like in the picture.
The Andes mountains are the longest mountains

The Andes mountains are located in Bolivia South America. The land form is a Mountain. To be more specific the Andes mountains are located in the line west of south Americas edge.



Created with images by Doug Scortegagna - "Tierra del Fuego" • Sakura Bathory - "Candy cloud" • Unsplash - "machu picchu mountains south america" • Jorge Lascar - "The Andes as seen from an airplane" • thejourney1972 (South America addicted) - "Mapa de América del Sur (Sudamérica) - mapa da América do Sul - map of South America"

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