A speckled little corner of Moscow Called Arbat

As I strolled through those streets once again, I couldn't take my eyes or mind off the present moment. It had formed a map inside my heart, which showed me exactly where I wanted to be. And that was this street, with its evening music and glimmering lights. Soft hustle and cold winds. Even at the end of June, it was cold at night. A breath of fresh air in this crisp country can make you crave for a forever painted like real world fairytales. Decorated alleys and souvenir shops, fairy lights and matryoshkas, Kremlin replicas and Chekhov house are all located in this street, along with numerous cafés and restaurants which have beautiful seating outside on the sideways during summers.

Oh how do I tell you the beauty of this night, with the mellow balalaika playing in the background and the intoxicating feeling. Oh how I felt like just immersing myself in that moment forever and never waking up. Even though I wanted it to last forever, even if I knew it wouldn't.

But then some forevers last a lifetime, whilst some only a few seconds. ⭐️


Created By
Miss Doctor

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