Forests of Dreams Pitch By: Mustafa Siddiqi


My film will be a more experimental and unorthodox film than my other traditional works. It will show quick, short, fast paced shots that may not follow a cohesive storyline, but that is fine, because My film will be more of an intro to a show rather than an actual short film.

Style of film

My film will be shot like a traditional Anime. More specifically, I will be shooting an Anime intro. So, as previously mentioned, my film will feature many fast paced shots and jump cuts.


Like I said before, since I would like to make an intro, the story will be vague, as it's supposed to be with an intro. However, the basic gist of my project is about a boy who goes into the forest and finds a magical sword. He then decides whether to pick up the sword and become a mighty hero (because it's his dream to be one), or to let it be and stay an ordinary, safe boy.



Storyboard (Note: Storyboard goes from right to left).

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