Japan Is Obsessed With Climate Change. Young People Don't Get It. article By Tatiana SchlossBErg

Page by Dana Ward

Summary of Article: "Japan Is Obsessed With Climate Change. Young People Don't Get It." by Tatiana Schlossberg discusses the climate change crisis and how Japan is attempting to combat it. The Japanese government is attempting to promote initiatives to encourage Japanese citizens to limit their use of energy by choosing to buy energy efficient appliances, not using heating and air conditioning as much, and wearing warmer clothes in the winter and less clothes in the summer. The government is promoting these initiatives through videos and campaigns known as "Cool Biz", "Cool Choice", and "Warm Biz". The problem that the government is facing with these initiatives is that the 18-24 year old population in Japan does not believe in the importance of fighting climate change. This generation, having grown up in economically tough times, believes that the economy should be the priority of the government rather than environmental issues.

Analysis of the Article: This article is important because it is showing Japan's government taking initiative to combat climate change. Their initiative sets an example for other countries in that they are working actively to pass policies and encourage citizens to make a change in their daily lives. The discussion of the lack of enthusiasm among young citizens on this issue is extremely interesting and unique; it is unusual to see that young people are the ones who are not interested in promoting preservation of the earth, since they are the ones who are most affected by climate change and its results in the future. It seems like in Japan the attitudes towards government effort on climate change are almost opposite to those of Americans, since in America the climate is more generally prioritized by younger people. In the future, the global community needs to continue to remember the importance of preserving our Earth's limited resources. Japan's motivation to preserve energy should set an example to countries around the world and help them begin to take initiative to pass their own policies to protect our planet.

Takeaways: I picked this article in the first place because I was interested to see how other countries were combatting climate change. I also was interested to hear what the title meant by young people not being interested in working to fight global warming since I am a young person. My biggest takeaway from this article is how important it is for both the government to promote taking care of our climate, and for citizens to work together to follow the government's initiatives in order for environmental conditions to improve. It will take a joint effort between citizens and the government for major change to come about. Going forward, I hope to learn how Japan's programs are going, and how America can work to implement similar programs so that we too can do our part to fight climate change. I also hope to better understand why Japanese young people have a lack of concern for the changing climate and how we can work to continue educating young people on the importance of saving our earth.


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