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The Bike Union Mentoring Project is a full service Bike Shop and Coffeehouse. We are also a nonprofit social enterprise. We combine youth mentoring and workforce development. Our year-long paid internship is staffed solely by youth who have aged out of the foster care system and we also invests 100% of the sales revenue directly back into our organization and our community programming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone purchase a bike from The Bike Union?

Yes! The Bike Union is a full service bike shop, open to everyone. Come check us out. We have a full inventory of bikes at affordable prices.

Why shop at the Bike Union?

All generated revenue will go 100% back into our youth mentoring programs as well as creating and sustaining jobs for youth who have aged out of foster care. By shopping at The Bike Union you are funding a non-profit as well as making an investment in your community, yourself, and the environment.

Is The Bike Union a real coffee shop?

Yes! The Bike Union coffeehouse has a full menu of locally roasted coffees from Hardy Coffee Co. as well as local tea selections from the Tea Smith an Artemis Teas. We also have a rotating selection of baked goods from Bliss Bakery Omaha.

What is social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that exists to address a social issue. We exists solely to provide workforce development and improve the lives of youth in our community. 100% of the revenue we earn supports the operation of the shop and training youth. The more money we generate, the more youth we can train and employ!

Meet the Staff

How can I support The Bike Union?

1. Shop at or get your bike repaired at The Bike Union or make The Bike Union your coffeehouse of choice.

Buy a bike at The Bike Union, get your bike repaired, buy your coffee from us, or book a meeting at the shop. All of these actions greatly benefit our ability to achieve our mission.

2. Donate your bicycle, it's tax deductible!

By donating your used bicycle you can: Keep the bicycle out of a landfill, provide training opportunities for our employees, and help us generate much needed, self-sustaining revenue. As an added bonus, the tax deductible donation can net more money for you than selling it online.

3. Make a cash donation to The Bike Union

Every donation made to us helps us expand and continue our various community programming. We believe that all young adults should enter the workforce with the skills and experience they need to succeed. We also believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their bike like a kid. Our variety of community programs, professional and personal development, and our social enterprise require monetary donations to keep us going. Thank you so much for your support!

With your help we can strengthen our community and highlight the strengths of the youth we serve. Thank you for your support!

Katie Sommer

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