Top 10

1. Honesty

2. Responsibility

3. Achievement

4. Safety

5. Wealth

6. God’s Will

7. Independence

8. Stability

9. Health

10. Family

Top 5

1. Family

2. Health

3. Wealth

4. Responsibility

5. God’s Will


For the most part, these core values didn’t seem to surprise me. When we first started doing this activity in class, I looked at the different values and I could honestly just about tell which ones that I would end up keeping and which ones I was going to throw out and get rid of. Mainly, this are the values that I had instilled in me since I was a kid. If I had to choose an ultimate number 1 value it would have to be God’s Will. God’s Will is somethings that I feel that I have always seemed to put first in my life. I would make sure to thank him for all of my success and also my downfalls because I know that he wouldn’t do anything wrong. When coming up with my top 5 there was a lot of things that was very hard for me to be able to take out. These two lists do not surprise at all. These are some of the values that I have been living by for the longest. When we first started out doing this activity, I sort of already knew what my top 10 and top 5 would be. Going in I put some different ones into these categories that I ended up taking out, but for the most part everything was the same. This activity really helped me to realize what I really cared about and what I didn’t too much care about.

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