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I love the library, but I can't give up a whole day of instruction...

It's okay. We hear this a lot, and it doesn't hurt our feelings anymore (well... mostly). We love getting to see your students, explore their research topics, and improve their information literacy skills.

We understand that a whole class period can be a lot, especially in condensed semesters.

But let's not give up on integrating those information literacy skills into your class just yet!

Partnering with the library online makes information literacy instruction possible, without using your limited classroom time.

The library took a look at the aspects of information literacy that are important in our classroom lessons, and translated those into separate online lessons. From start to finish of a research project, these lessons cover topics to help students understand research, grasp search strategies, evaluate resources, develop their own content, and give credit to their sources.

Each lesson is designed to last 5-10 minutes and is made up of a brief video, and a 3-5 question quiz. The flexibility of online learning allows students to get the information they need, exactly when they need to apply it.

What is information literacy, and why do my students need it?

Information literacy encompasses the skills that students need to be critically thinking users of books, articles, news, internet, social media, and beyond. Some skills mastered by information literate students include:

  • Recognizing when they need more information to engage with an idea
  • Seeking high quality sources of information
  • Discerning when something they read is true, or requires some investigation
  • Making judgements about the quality of online articles or other information sources
  • Reading for understanding and integrating knowledge into their existing schemas
  • Acknowledging their sources of information and maintaining academic integrity

Easy to add in to your d2l classroom

Want the videos only?

Its as easy as linking to the library's YouTube page, or embedding the video in your class!

Want the full lesson?

The library uses SoftChalk - a program already designed to integrate with D2L - to create interactive lessons that give students feedback, and help them reach the learning outcomes set by librarians for each topic.

graded? ungraded? It's up to you!

The library's SoftChalk lessons can be integrated into your D2L gradebook. You can use these lessons to mark attendance, as a quiz, or as extra credit.

Or, these can be used for optional self-reflection and remain ungraded.

we're still connected to you

The library is here to be your academic ally! Librarians can help with SoftChalk installation and troubleshooting, be a guest in your class, teach synchronously or asynchronously online, or come to your class in person. We are just an email or phone call away for help and advice.

Let's get started

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