Florida Geography Manish 

Florida's climate is hot and rainy because it is near the equator.
Drought can cause water to go out and plants to die.
Thunder is kind of lighting and they are hotter than the sun.

Thunder is hot it can make things go on fire.

Hurricane are strong winds that blow houses away.

A peninsula is a piece of land surrounded on three sides by water.
Florida's land shrank in size , the climate became wetter and habitats changed.

The Florida peninsula is a landform.The elevation of most of the peninsula is less than 100 feet above sea level.Most of the Florida is flat.The highest part in Florida is 345 feet above sea level.

A long,narrow sand island that is parallel to the mainland is called barrier Islandbarrier island almost completely surrounded by water
  • it is serve to protect the coast fro erosion, protect mainland fro storm.
Florida's wetlands protect the coast flooding by gathering water they refill the underground water supply by collecting rainwater.

Many lakes formed in central Florida because, of sinkhole activities . Sinkholes is a cavity in the ground especially limestone bed rock caused by water erosion.

Natural resources of petroleum oil and gas fields and fisheries and important strategies access of waterways for transportation . They are our main water sources.

Because it helps us make wooden objects, street lights poles, and paper.

Phosphate is an important resource for Florida because it is used to make fertilizers.

Limestone is used to produce Portland and masonry cement . Also limestone is used for road construction.

Oil is an important resource because it is used for fuel and making plastic.

Renewable means that you can replace something and nonrenewable means that you cannot replace it.


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