Case Of The Central Park Five When justice changed all

How did the Central Park Five change American laws?


In the 1989 there was a lady named Karina Vetrano. She was a jogger that was stressed out about work and was wanting to go on a jog late at night. She was jogging around the Central park in New York. She had seen people throwing rocks and bottles at cars. Her friends had warned her not to run alone at night

The Crime

On April 19th,1989 a young woman was raped and bludgeoned, sodomized,beaten savagely that she lost 80% of her blood and could not remember anything that Pat said at Five-O'clock. The five teenagers throw ricks and bottles at cars that entered the park. They had punched and kicked and knocked down Hispanic man that was in the park. After they were done with him they put him in a bush and left him there. Then seen a woman jogging by herself.

The Aftermath

They guys that have beaten they lady in central park had got sentence to prison for 13 years. By 2002 Ken Burns had dabbed them . They had sued New York and had got $40 million dollars richer, but they boy Raymond Santana had said to her, " shut up b**** and was touching her t****". Another guy named Kharey Wise this was his first rap he had ever done. Kevin Richardson had her arms. Steven Lopez had her legs he had spread them out as far as they could go. Antron McCray got on top and took her pants off. Got her on the ground and had rapped her

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There all found on New York Square Time


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