The water cycle And the waters journey

BY:Jorja Wessel

Hi I'm Rose

I was born in 35BC,I hated my neighborhood,There was a group of water droplets that picked on all of the other droplets.One day I asked my mom and dad if we could move they of course said no. Then 200 years later I asked again they said no. 200 years after that I pleaded my parents they said NOOOO!!!!!!! .Then 250 years later they finally said yes!!!!!!!!So we caught the next ground water flow train and when we got there it was so pretty I was so exited.

After months of searching for a new home we finally found one it's in the lake I was so happy cause its where all the nicer droplets live I can finally get away from all of the mean droplets!!!!

All the kids were so nice and I was so happy we stayed there for probably 400 years it was so nice I had finally had gotten away from the mean droplets.Until one day my parents were not home so I went outside to look for them.They weren't there soon enough I found what happened the water bully's were back and they kidnapped my mom and dad."MOM!" "DAD!" I called worried "Were down here"!"OK I'm coming"I exclaimed I searched for hours and hours in the ground water when I found them I was to late I tried calling the police but there was no reception I of course did the stupidest thing possible I cried and yelled but then the water bully's found me and I got kiddnaped I'm so smart NOT.So I had no choice but to come back to ground water city.

We had to stay there for 400 more years then one day the bully's went on a vacation so we decided that it was the best time to get out of the ground water city so we left and went straight to to the river that's where I meet Zoey,Zoey is a weird droplet but she is really nice and funny.

Me and Zoey were best friends nothing could separate us.BFFS4LIFE.Hey Zoey "Aren't we going to be friends forever"I asked "Ya definitely"she replied.Until one day my parents told me that they could not keep up with the morgage for the house so we had to move to the big city, the ocean!.

Here's a few photos of the city in the ocean when we got there

I also wanted to show you what the inside of the new city looks like.

We thought we had found our forever home but one day I was doing some work in science and the weirdest thing happened I was floating in midair I was so shocked but then I remembered we had learned about this I was evaporating!.

I thought I was going to die I'm so scared of heights but just when I thought I could not go any higher I just kept going up until finally I made it to the clouds they were so fluffy and soft and tasty

I ate and ate and ate more and more of the cloud until eventually he cloud started to smaller until I fell out of the cloud I felt fat then I realized I was precipitating.

I fell and fell for what seemed like hours but eventually (SPLASH) we landed in the ocean I was happy I found my parents and my friend Zoey.I was happy as a clam.I was sure this time we had found our forever home.Well that is until we go though the cycle again.

And that's how me and Zoey saved the world from global warming wait wrong story.

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