Child Labor Why are children included in child labor? By: Bella Ochoa


"There is no greater violence than to deny the dreams of our children."

Child labor has taken the freedom from all, from playing with other children to not having proper care. Around the world, children are forced to work in fields, factories, and streets. Child labor has a negative affect on children.


Over 215 million children have their childhoods stolen just because they were involved in child labor. And, 115 million of those children are working in dangerous areas. These children have no time to play, don't go to school, and loose the proper care and nutrition they need.


To begin with, children are apart of child labor because they were born into a poor family. But, that's one of multiple reasons why children are apart of it in the first place. These reasons include:

  • Support for families
  • Coercion and threats
  • Commodities
  • Having no where to go
  • Choose to be
  • To get food
  • Somewhere to live
  • Sold

However, these are some of many reasons why children are apart of child labor.

During child labor

During child labor, they are threatened or forced to do their work. The threats to the children are physically, mentally, or emotionally. They are either abused, go through slavery, and more. Instead of children achieving their dreams, they have to go through this.


Because of child labor, children are affected negatively. This can affect their whole childhood, their who life.


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