Fairy Godchickens a never before told tale of girl power

Over ten years ago I was inspired to write a story based loosely on real life events. I was a newly divorced struggling single mom and found myself trying to understand my own late mom better, an incredible woman who had herself been a young, divorced single mother along her journey. She had been gone for over fifteen years, having passed away well before I entertained any inkling of idea of my own marriage or motherhood. I found myself desperate to recall every tiny detail of my childhood I could in order to look to mom's guidance and navigate my new path alone.

The Really Real Story of Fairy Godchickens

the final sketch

What follows is the newly imagined version of one of our favorite childhood memories, one we had come to call "crazy supper." We were fully grown before my brother, sister and I ever knew the truth behind the memory. The name "crazy supper" was coined by mom for nights when we were fed cake for dinner. Those nights seemed magical - what a treat to have dessert for our dinner and what a festive atmosphere for absolutely no reason at all! What we later learned was "crazy suppers" came on nights when mom had nothing else to feed us except what she could conjure with bare minimum staples. Rather than show us any fear, she transformed her darkest nights into our brightest memories. Here, my imagined version of the story rests on the shoulders of a few fussy hens. It took me months to write this story, years to illustrate it and even longer to muster the courage to share. This is my tale of girl power told with chickens and the arts and a whole lotta love.

three daughters who sing, fiddle and dance

Please share far and wide and please credit and tag me when you do. Also, keep an eye out for a crowdfunding project soon. As I continue to tweak the story and finalize the illustrations I will be be launching a fundraising campaign to print and sell enough books to help offset the cost of graduate studies in art therapy. Art has helped me so I will soon be a helper by way of art.

Inspiration resides in all hearts.

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