Service Only Team Weekly News

Week 4 Update

Completions: The team completed 86% of all the Service work for L02A last week (Wk39) this consistent with last week. 90% of all Sky Q Service were completed by the service team, again on par with last week.

Q Service Visit Survey

We had 299 Survey's completed last week. We completed over 400+ visits, so can we please ensure every Sky Q Service visit has a survey completed.

You Told Us:

  • Ethernet: 23% required an Ethernet Connection, this is up 4% on last week.
  • Call Centre: 19% could have been resolved by call centre. Up 5% on last week. This appears high, with call centre having limited control. (please only select this option for Card Pairing/ Account Issue's and customer education)
  • Engineer Driven: 42% could have been resolved by previous engineer: How are we sharing this information and have you all added your Learnt New Ideas yet? This was we can share the things you are learning with the wider population. Please click on link below.
  • Third Party: Of the completed third party service calls, 20% you hard wired a booster to create mesh.
  • Replaced Q: 17% required a Q Product to be replaced, consistent with last week. Can we please be clear in what we replaced in other question.

What Else Is Happening

Chatter Yak #keepinshape: Nice to see some of the team get involved here. Next week will be the final one from Steve Asquith and his team. This will be on The Showcase, so any support here would be fantastic. To find out what you have missed, search #keepinshape on chatter.

I pad Tethering: Changes have been made in Iknow2 for Single Box Q Installs. Please see article on Iknow2 and refrain from Tethering to activate viewing card.

HDMI over CAT5/6: If a customer has CAT5/6 convertors, they may not be 4K compatible and this would result in not being able to view 4K correctly on connected STB.

Idea's to Share: Things you've told us that you learned while on trial, which you would like to share.

  1. On occasions a Booster is needed to be Hardwired to Third Party Router.
  2. Turning HDMI control off to correct picture problems/ boxes freezing.
  3. Taking your time with each and every visit and listening to customers problems.
  4. Adjusting ECO/Active/ None settings to customers viewing habits.
  5. knowing the right settings for MDU customers (DSCR) SCR
  6. Using Ethernet between boosters, or using Ethernet part of the way and allowing booster to do final journey.
  7. Changing all F Connectors, to increase signal quality
  8. Product placement for boosters and customers STB location.
  9. Using Sky Master 3 to transfer data loggers to I pad.
  • Massive thank you to Francis Daniels/ Ali Parmar and David Spriggs for your feedback here. Now over to the rest of you to share your learning's too. As mentioned above, click on link below to share your thoughts.

Last comments from me is around feedback on the trial. I cannot stress how important this is and that everyone has their say Tm or Engineer. Remember we are a trial and what we do and say now, may influence what the future holds for all.

So as promised, each week we will hear from people around the business on what the trial means to them and their thoughts on how we are getting on. This week Barry Sullivan (Regional Manager) share his thoughts.

Useful Links and to previous newsletter, in case you missed one.

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