Welcome back to another great year of NBMS GT! We're especially happy to welcome all our new 6th graders! Please take time to view the parent video, as it will give you important information regarding NBISD GT services throughout your student's GT career. Please don't hesitate to reach out at any point during the year if you have any questions or GT concerns.

GT Support & Services Information

Please Watch this NBISD GT Parent Video by Blake Haygood

GT STAFF & Contact Information

Consider joining TAGT to find the best resources available for Texas GT students and their families!
We are currently in need of venues to host GT field trips this year. If you or a business affiliate would be interested in more information, please let us know.
6th grade GT students have been practicing teamwork. In the photos below, while being blindfolded, classmates were describing to them how to reconstruct the tower of blocks in the photos. Looks like communication is definitely a STRENGTH for many of our 6th grade students! Great job!!
7th grade GT students worked in teams of four using “recycled” Lego creations from the Robotics Club to build their artistic interpretation of one of the four photos projected onto the front board. They had 20 minutes to work and will continue to work next “Funday Friday” to complete their interpretations. Mrs. Nichols & Mr. Clark were impressed with their teamwork and their responsibility cleaning up all the tiny pieces!!! Everyone is looking forward to final products soon:)
8th grade GT students have been taking strength assessments in Thrively, fueling their brains by reading great books, and taking some interesting BRAIN BREAKS! Some even involved dancing:)

The NBMS GT newsletter will be shared bi-monthly, so please let us know if you would like to add additional emails to the mailing list. We are looking forward to a wonderful year here at NBMS!