Otterbein University Emily Wile

I chose Otterbein University mainly because of its small size and location. I dont want to go to a larger school because I feel more comfortable in a smaller environment and I feel it fits my way of learning. I also would like to stay in Ohio.

Otterbein University is located in Westerville about 19 miles from Hilliard. Driving it would be a half hour drive.
Otterbein University Cardinals "a close knit family"
The Best parts of Otterbein

According to a current student at Otterbein there is a tradition where different organizations and clubs paint a rock in the middle of campus each week.

Otterbein has a lot of history with it. It was founded in 1847 by anti-slavery church. They are known to be one of the first to accept students of color. They also are believed to be one of the first colleges to become coeducational, offering women to study the same course as their male peers.

At otterbein there are a total of 2,343 undergraduates with a ratio of 61% females and 39% men. 75% of the population at otterbein are white and unknown ethnicity at second with 9%.

Otterbein has received many award and rankings over the years, on being 11th out of 171 peers in regional Universities by US news & world report for guide to americas best colleges.

They are a division 3 private school and part of the NCAA, but they do have the basic athletics for males and females. They also offer intermural sports to all the student body. Greek life is an option at Otterbein University, 27% of men join fraternities along with 27% of females join sororities . The arts are including theatre, music, dance, band orchestra ect. are very common at otterbein.

Otterbein is in the city of Westerville. It is small suburb of Columbus but also full of opportunity. Polaris is also about 20 minutes away

The most popular majors are Health professions and related sciences, business and marketing, and education. Biology and bio-chem are also popular majors said by a current student. Which attracts me because as of right now I am undecided but health and business have been my top two choices if I had to pick a career right now. So having both of those choices available helps me. There is a selection of 44 minors to choose from along with options to study abroad, online degrees, double major, independent study etc.

"The class sizes at Otterbein can range anywhere from 15-25 students. However some science lectures have 40-70 students".

To get into Otterbein University you have to have taken the ACT or SAT. The average score of the student body for the ACT is 18-29 and the average for the SAT is 500-600. They use the common application but the electronic application is available. No interview is required, but for some freshman an essay or at least 1 letter of recommendation is required. To them you rigor of secondary school classes is very important along with recommendations. Some more things they look at are GPA, class rank, standardized tests, extracurricular activities and volunteer work

At Otterbein University you are expected to live in campus housing until your senior year, unless you chose to live at home with a 30 mile radius of the school. There are 5 main residence halls for first year students: Davis Hall, Dunlap King Hall, Engle, Mayne Hall, Hanby Hall. Then there also houses that upperclassman normally are in such as Clements Hall, and West home street. Then there is an apartment option for juniors and seniors on Home and Park Street.
These are just some of the living options and what the dorms look like along with common areas.

Otterbein University is a private school so it's cost can be a little pricy. While staying on campus the average tuition and fees is $31,874. Room and board is around $10,408 ;books and supplies $1,262; your personal expenses $1,644 ; transportation expenses $1,044. Which brings a total of $46,232 for in state tuition, however living of campus is another option along with living at home. Off campus is the most expensive with a total of $44,946.

They do offer financial aid or merit aid to 99% of their students and there has been 0% tuition increase since 2013. Then looking at after college 24% of students graduate debt free, 55% graduate with low interest federal loans (average of $28,109) and 21% graduate with federal and private loans.
Otterbein offers 4 meal plans, 3 of them (block plans) provide meals to use in the cardinals nest and OtterDen. Each plan also includes Cardinal dollars to use in Otterbean cafe, The OtterDen, the Roost Expess, or The Cardinals Nest.

210 Block Meal Plan & $150 Cardinal Dollars

150 Block Meal Plan & $225 Cardinal Dollars

120 Block Meal Plan & $260 Cardinal Dollars

Then there is the Cardinal Plan and that gives you one meal during each dining period per day with a total of 19 meals a week. You can also request a box meal if your sick or on-the-go, that's students can bring to you. A student also said there are a few very good restaurants in uptown Westerville which is in walking distance.

Otterbein University is known for its outstanding acadmeics, however there are many sports to participate in, Greek life, volunteer opportunities, clubs, organizations etc.

Indoor facility

Join a Club!

Equestrian teams

Choir group

Greek life

There is always something to do!

Overall I think Otterbein University Would be a good fit for me and will definitely visit it in the future. So far I like the community environment of the campus and the "home feel." They also have many sports, clubs, intermural teams to join, so you can never get bored. Hopefully I could get some financial aid from my grades or test scores to help with the tuition. But the requirements to attend are pretty realistic giving me a good chance of getting in. I would recommend Otterbein University to anyone who prefers a smaller school, wants to get involved and wants a community feel.

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