Judaism By Joey "the bean" Villarreal, and Xander "ugh why did he come here" Sumner

The three fathers of Hebrew were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (later renamed as 'Israel.') Abraham was known as the Biblical father of the Hebrew people. God had spoken to Abraham directly, telling him that he would lead them to a promised land to make his offspring a mighty nation. God promised Abraham a child, this child was Isaac. Abraham was one-hundred years old until he got this promised child. Isaac was almost killed by his father on Moriah, but was stopped by an angel sent from God. (Derived from the Hebrew Bible.)

Judaism is the monotheistic belief of God or Yaweh which includes Christianity. The most important text in Judaism is the Torah (or Bible in Christian beliefs.) Judaism is the oldest known religion to practice monotheism.

The four values of Judaism is belief in God, education, justice, and obedience.

Women had few rights in the Hebrew society. Usually, the woman could not choose their husbands, as their husband would be chosen by her father. Some Hebrew women greatly impacted their society. Two of these women were Queen Esther and the judge Deborah, who saved the Hebrew people from their enemies.

Jewish culture is one of the oldest in the world. One Jewish tradition still celebrated today is Hanukkah, which falls in December. It honors the rededication of the Second Temple during the revolt of the Maccabees. Another Jewish tradition is Passover. This is a time for the Jewish people to remember Exodus, or the leaving of the Hebrew from Egypt. Yom Kippur is the day that Jews ask God to forgive their sins. Finally, the Holy days (also known as Rash Hashanah) are the two most sacred of all Jewish holidays. They take place each year in September or October. Ceremonies and rituals are preformed on these Jewish holidays to celebrate the beginning of a new year.


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