Football By: Trey wells

The Browns got lucky and the Steeler's were not trying because the Browns are so bad and they knew they can come back and defeat the Browns. But I don't like the Steeler's I just hate the Browns because they are so bad.
The Cavelers and the Cleveland Indians made it to the chmapionship and the Browns are just so bad and have the worst luck in Cleveland and they are the ones who wroin it I remember there coach before the season started he siad it will be hard work but we will win a lot of games. But he was 100% wrong.

The last time the Browns went to the playoffs was in 1994 and that was the last time people remember the Browns as pros. But now if you get drafted to the Browns your career is pretty much over.

The Cleveland Browns will never make it to the playoffs in less they get all of the best players which is kind of impossible to happen.

The Browns may do good if they get a good draft pick and they could do that but that is a really low chance of them using there heads like that.

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