Onice Deloa portfolio

Photography to me, is ART. Things happen every second, and it takes one click to capture it. I love to capture the beauty and art that is in this world. Photography had never been something I was deeply passion about, but having a camera in my hands, and see where my work is leading to.. that's my passion.

Left photo was one of the first photos i had taken & enjoyed. When i see flowers, I think of beauty. I love to capture flowers and/or plants showing more of nature in the back. This photo was with ISO 100, focal length 40 mm ,aperture at f/5.0 Center photo is one of my favorites. i love color. The color being a bright red & a brown insect up close, gave me an opportunity to capture texture. This photo was taken with an ISO 100, focal length 44 mm, aperture f5.6. Right photo i was able to capture these leaves on a tree on a gloomy day, which made the leaves look faded and dark, that I really enjoyed. This photo was taken with an ISO 100, focal length 30 mm, aperture at f/4.0.
One this about me besides taking photos about taking photos of nature is, taking photos of emotion. Body language, feelings & my photo on the left reaches that. This photo was taken with the aperture f/5.6, ISO 400, focal length 24 mm & 1/30 sec. Lastly, my favorite color + texture photo. These type of photos were never my cup of tea, what I realized is that, its not what the photo is.. Its how it looks, HD, clear, with that you see texture. This photo was taken with ISO 1250, focal length 40 mm, aperture at f/ 5.0

I understand the meaning of photography more now than ever. Id look at a camera & not understand even what to press, how to adjust the settings & now, i'm confident in my work & i'm confident about how to use a camera. My photography now, is still progressing but i love how my work gives ideas & is meaningful.

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