Chinook Project 2016 Team Labrador

The trip started off strong with a road trip to Halifax accompanied by the one and only travel cat, Watson!
En route to Labrador
We were welcomed into Goose Bay by Dr. Becky Inkpen and her husband David. We then headed to their house for a curry supper and playtime with Bronco--the biggest dog I've ever seen!
Our hotel in Goose Bay

Our Journey to Nain on the "Milk Run"

When we first got to the airport it looked as though we weren't booked on the flight. After a brief moment of panic, we learned that there was still room for us on the plane and we were on our way to Nain!!

The plane stopped at most of the coastal towns to deliver mail and cargo to the towns along the way to Nain.

Flight Itinerary (we skipped the Hopedale and Natuashish stops)
Waiting for the cargo to unload
Views from above...
Team Labrador: Nain edition + random guy
The Nain airport
The sights around Nain--complete with a polar bear hide
Our home in Nain
The hotel where the veterinarians stayed, which included the restaurant where we ate breakfast and got lunch and dinner delivered to the clinic.

Setting up the clinic in Nain

Unpacking felt a bit liike Christmas morning!
Getting the anesthesia machine up and running
Sorting the ET tubes
Our team leaders (Dr. Foley, Dr. Heather, and Paul) getting organized to hit the ground running!
After about two hours, the fire hall was transformed into a functional veterinary clinic and ready for appointments and surgeries!
The fire truck garage was transformed into the patient holding and recovery area
We jumped right in performing physical exams, vaccinations, and surgeries

Got to work with some of the cutest and sweetest canine patients

Shared many laughs playing Cards Against Humanity
Turkey dinner and ice breakers for our last meal in Nain
Trunk Trolls! Crammed nine people into Paul's vehicle to get to the mountain for a hike

Exploring the Labrador landscape with Paul

Paul was great at telling us about the land, wildlife, and community along our hike.
Came across tibia from a caribou...
...and a vertebrae with moss attached making it look kind of like a hedgehog!

Views from our hike...

No photograph can capture the beauty of these mountains--purely breathtaking!
The VetRaptor watched over us and made sure everyone stayed in line
Goodbye Nain--until we meet again

On to Sheshatshiu!

We had two huge vans to help cart us and the cargo around. Sights from Northwest River: a cable car that transported people from one side to the other before the bridge was built. An interesting convince store. Views of the river. And the drive through Sheshatshiu Innu First Nations reserve, where the clinic was held.
We stayed in the "Wood Cottage"' which is a place for seniors to come and stay. It worked out perfectly for us! Had laundry, the right number of beds, a kitchen where we cooked breakfast, and lovely dated decor! We even has some canine house guests for a night to monitor their recoveries from late night surgeries.
The clinic in Sheshatshiu was set up in a hockey arena, which worked out surprisingly well.

Another round of unpacking!

All smiles, because this time around we knew how to best organize the equipment and set up to hit the ground running
And before long, the arena and dressing rooms were turned into a functional clinic!
Had another opportunity to work with some really great patients!
And before we knew it, surgeries were in full swing!
Team Labrador totals!
After a few busy days and late nights, we packed up the clinic and celebrated a successful completion with a midnight snack at Pizza Delight!
It was then time to say goodbye to Labrador--thanks for the wonderful memories and experiences.
So grateful to be part of this incredible team of friends and colleagues!

Thank you to everyone who helped coordinate, organize, and make this trip possible. Thank you to the veterinarians who volunteered their time to serve the communities and for supporting, teaching, and laughing with us along the way. And thank you to my fellow students for coming together to work hard, have fun, learn, and grow throughout these past two weeks. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of the amazing 2016 Chinook Project team! 💙

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