My favourite place At the gym

I'd lik to be at the gym because there can you do so many things and you can practise things you want to learn. I Also like to help at the gym to teach younger children things.

But i can't always go to the gym so i have a bit gym at my home. There is a trampoline so i can prcatise whenever i want.

How does it look like? Well at the gym there are a lot of units but the things we use the most are;

  • the beam,
  • the trampoline
  • the balls
  • the bridge
  • The springboards
  • and al the tipes of mats

The gym in neighbourhood is the Jaap klaasen Hal. What is it and what does it look like?!

  • It's the gym in Nes.
  • It's near to the school Burgemeester Walda School.
  • It's green.
  • There are solarpannels on it.
  • The light goes automatically.
  • The most of the units in it are already a bit old.
  • There are a lot of sports given, like the school, the soccer, the gymnastics, the volleyball and some more.

At the gym I like the beam the most because it's only 10 cm wide so it stays always a new challenge.

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