Pearl Harbor The attack on Pearl harbor

On December 7th, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Hawaii at 7:55 am. This unexpected attack put everyone in America on edge,wanting to know the answers to their questions. But as expected nobody knew the answers for what the people had to ask.
Japan and America were edging to war for decades before the attack. The attack was a surprise and humiliation for the U.S. The attack led to a climax of tension between Japan and America.
During the bombing of Pearl Harbor 2400 people died, then during the war that was declared the day after the bombing almost 60 million people died. In this picture you can see some of the brave men who fought in World War 2.
The first set of Japan Aircrafts bombed eight of our battleships,three of our destroyers and three cruisers. That one attack left America stunned at what had happened and unprepared to fight at that exact time of the bombing.
Two years after World War 2 ended the Cold War began. The cold was fought indirectly between Russia and America. Most of the war was based off of the threat of having a nuclear war against one another.

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